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footprintsminiToday marks the first day of “Footprints” being FREE. The story of a man who travels to his families cabin after his fathers death to deal with his loose. But there’s something out there in the woods. Find out what happens. It’s a quick read, and it’s free for this weekend.

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Now for the links for things going on around the web:

Give customers what they want. (A long, but really interesting article from Hugh Howey.)

Gumroad iPhone app that lets authors sell direct. (Droid is in the works!)

What happens to a traditionally published author when his publisher goes belly up?

How accurate are SF space battles? (video)

10 famous authors that failed before hitting it big.

 R.L. Stine wrote 420 books… I need to write more.

The small details in writing.


Around the Web

This month has been busy, busy, busy. My car broke down, I’ve writen another few thousand words and edited a few chapters, I overwrote some of my files, and did a couple more episodes of Story Telling podcast.  I’ve also found some really interesting things for you guys.

Books are EXACTLY like razors! a message from Hugh Howey

Neil Gaiman: ‘Terry Pratchett isn’t jolly. He’s angry’

Fiction Lag: Becoming the characters you read about. (video)

Gif of North America, and who controlled the land over time. Watch the territories move across the land.

11 sequels you probably didn’t know existed. (Hint, there was one for 101 Dalmatians.)

Mathematician and comedian, Matt Parker, asks the nine publishers participating in the auction for his book to submit bids in prime numbers and derivatives of pi.

Stephen King offers up some of his stories to film students to make films, for $1.

Stephen King interview about teaching children the art of writing.

Millions of historical (and copyright free) images posted to flicker by academics. And another collection from the British Library, also copyright free. (There are some great pictures in here. Hopefully people help tag them.)

Important life lessons learned from children’s books.


Around the web


It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, but I just had a few links I wanted to share.

The Reading Rainbow kickstarter. They are getting a match up to $1 million for everything over 4mil, so if you haven’t donated now is your chance.

Fiction Unboxed is done with, and they have finished “Dream Engine”. I’ve been listening to it, and it’s a fantastic story so far. Hopefully it will be available on Amazon soon.

US publishers sold more ebooks then print books last year. (Though they made about the same from those ebooks as they did last year.)

Authors dressing up as their favorite characters from a book.

If we talked to other professions like we talk to artists. (FANTASTIC video by Garrett Robinson. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should!)

Star Trek and Economics (It’s an interesting read, and kind of relevant to our point in history.)(Also, what Reddit had to say was interesting)


On a personal note:

“Mermaid’s Curse” is coming along nicely. I’ve hit the 80k mark and I’m still going on it. I’m expecting that it will be about 82k once I’m finished. Right now I’m working on edits, and the edits are about half way finished. Then off to a real editor who knows what they are doing 😉

If you would like to see some scenes from “Mermaid’s Curse” then check here, here, and here.

Around the Web

Net Neutrality is STILL one of the most important things on the agenda right now. The FCC said yes to the internet fast lane idea. Even libraries have stepped into the fray. In their words, the death of net neutrality could KILL Libraries. Here are some ways you can still fight against it.

And also, a video that shows what Net Neutrality vrs the FCC’s “Open Internet” plan is.

Now… on to our regularly scheduled web news.

Author Earnings will have another report up in 25 hours.

Publishing is more then books.

The ISS gets and HD cam directed at earth.

Reddit answers the best way to start a new hobby, from fencing to glass blowing, and much much more.

Jim Butcher does and AMA.

Time to Reform Copyright. While he has a point, copyright is a little messed up, I might not agree with everything he says. Google books did start uploading out of print books for free on google books a long time ago. Some of them are still under copyright, but they aren’t available ANYWHERE else, so they’ve made a case for adding them to their library (as long as they don’t sell them.) The Internet Archive started adding loads of video to their archive, saving things that might otherwise disappear forever. Copyright isn’t always good. It causes things to be forgotten over time. Ignored. Lost. And what good does that do anyone?

Around the web

Just a little update before I get to the interesting articles I’ve found this week.

My computer is out being repaired, so hopefully that means things return to “normal” in my writing life.

I am at 62,000 in my “Mermaids Curse” manuscript. That’s not even close to where I wanted to be right now. That’s partly because of the computer, partly because some stressful things popped up in my personal life that had to be dealt with before writing, and a little bit because I’d look at the chapters and go “what the hell do I do now?” Thankfully most of these issues have been dealt with and I’m back to the (mostly) regularly writing schedule.

Lastly, I recorded an “Indie News Bites” but I didn’t have a way to edit it, and it sucks without at least a little editing, so that won’t get out till the day I get my PC back.

I will have a news letter that you can sign up for starting next week. The “Around the Web” will probably be one thing added to the news letter.

Now for you’re dose of Around the Web

Facebook buys Oculus Rift for $2billion

11 Strange Books (all traditionally published).

The unwinnable Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in Skyrim

Harvard has at least three rare books bound in human skin.

Amazons “most wished for” section.

Reddit discusses some future tech that may actually become reality

Around the Web

Some interesting things going on around the web this week. released a new report. Look for a “Indie News Bites” video tonight or tomorrow for my take on what this means. (Oh, and Hugh Howey already replied to some of the articles written refuting his newest report.)

Amazon changes royalties on ACX audio books. 

When It Comes To Women’s Writing, How Do Publications Stack Up? (hint, not well)

Book Bub most popular title trends in various genres.

Some of you might be interested in this man who did an AMA on Reddit, and because of his AMA he went to #300 in Amazon ranking. His cover is odd, to say the least, but people were interested and asked him questions, then bought the book.

Bitter writer suggests Rowling should hang up her typewriter… seriously? Because her books “suck up the oxygen from other writers”? How do you feel about Stephen King, Dean Kootz, or any other best selling author? Some of which died years ago, btw. /rant OH! And Anne Rice Responds

Around the Web

sprtLast night we had a very special episode of SPRT, where we talked with Hugh Howey (author of Wool) about his new website,

If you don’t know what any of this is… go listen to the first 15 minutes of the show that will catch you up nicely. If you are interested then just stick around and listen to the rest of it. We ended up recording for two hours, something we’ve never done before, because the subject was so interesting, and Hugh is such an awesome guy.

Also, you might be interested to read Chuck Wendig’s thoughts on it, or Dana Beth Weinberg’s. There have been some others, but those are the two I found right off hand.

Now… back to the regularly scheduled shenanigans.

Niel Gaiman reads “Green Eggs and Ham“. Enough said.

How to Craft Tweetable Quotes That Spread Your Content like Wildfire

Hugh Howey reads his introduction to “From the Indie Side” about what it means to be an indie author.

Random Penguin India recalls, and will destroy, “The Hindus”,, an alternative history book, because a Hindu educational organization sued them over it.

Amazon releases “150 Love Stories for Every Romantic Mood”. I don’t see ‘bitter’ or ‘single’ on that list.

That’s all for now. I am going to try to make this a regular weekly thing again, as I really enjoy it. I was also thinking of doing it as a vlog…. would anyone be interested in watching a vlog with me about odd things I find online?