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My Thoughts on Laci Green

Oh, how fast they turn on their own. And Laci is seeing what we, the bad eggs, have been saying for a while; free speach isn’t free speach if you silence those you disagree with. 

It’s an interesting change, and I hope it’s for the right reasons. In all honesty, I use to like Laci. She was smart, entertaining, and talked about things that caught my interest. Then she got more political, and started calling people names, like bigot and misogynistic, if they disagreed with her, and I started going to other channels. 

I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. I don’t have any problem with people having different points of view. In fact I expect and encourage it. 

I do mind when someone says their opinion is the right opinion and if you say anything other than their opinion not only will they tell you how wrong you are, they’re going to call you names, and try to get you blocked from every platform they can get you blocked from because you’re wrong and they hate your very existence. 

Worst of all, they usually have no hard facts to prove the other person is wrong, it’s all about feelings. 

And it appears that Laci is taking that same view…you can’t call people names, and silence them if you disagree with them. You should talk to them, have conversations, try to have actual debates.

I support her in this, though I wish she would apologize for her blanket labels of people in the past who disagreed with her. Still, any time someone is willing to come to the table and have a discussion rather than lash out at them I am 100% for that.

Here is a simple fact; those who ARE homophobic, or transphobic, usually haven’t been around anyone in their life who is trans or homosexual. They are less likely to change their point of view because there is no one in their life to show them that things can be different. If they are around people who are trans and homosexual they are more likely change their viewpoint.

How do you get homophobic and transphobic people around people who are trans and homosexual? Calling them bigots and screaming at them? Or talking to them like normal human beings? Showing them that the things they see on the internet, like feminists screaming at people and others holding people hostage in libraries because they are white- all of that isn’t normal! It’s not normal, and most people, even those who identify as feminist or SJW, aren’t like that. But how can the people on the other side see that they aren’t like that if all they do is block everyone and refuse to have meaningful conversations? 

When I said at the beginning “how quickly they turn on each other” I meant it. Laci is opening a path for conversation, hoping bridges can be built and some of the hate that has festered between the two parties can start to shift into more productive emotions, and her side has decried her. Called her out, shouted her down, and cast her out. Once ardent Laci supporters have since withdrawn their support, and I bet it won’t be long until they block her, and try censoring her as well. 

It’s sad to see. I’m neither on the right or the left in these arguments, I think both sides have good points, and both sides have some bad ideas, or language in their midst that can be toxic at times. But none of us can prosper if the arguments and censorship continue.

The diversity of ideas is so important, as is the freedom to speak, and say things even when others disagree with you. 

If we had censored every dissenting idea from the beginning would we still believe that the earth was the center of the universe? Science and tech, human understanding, and growth all come about because people are willing to talk, and others to listen. Galileo’s ideas would not have prospered if others hadn’t been willing to take a look, listen, and examine them. But the same holds true for bad ideas. Flat earthers do not prosper because we have examined their ideas, taken scientific studies, and disproven them. There is no anger over flat earthers, just science. It isn’t worth arguing with them, or calling them names, because the science is enough. 

I’ve been watching a lot of anti-SJW channels lately, and the one thing I hear over and over again is “why won’t they debate us? What are they afraid of?” Maybe Laci stopped being afraid. Maybe she actually believes in what she’s preaching and she wants to have real conversations and hold her ideas up to the light of another persons idea and see if it stands.

I’m okay with that. Are you?

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Finally doing something… 

I’ve been a bit mopy lately and I  finally figured out what will take me right out of that: publishing something! 

I went through my files and discovered twelve finished short stories that I had yet to publish. So I think it’s about time I do something with all of them. 

The first one is up for pre-order here. Hidden Treasures is about a young boy trying to find the excitement of the past. It’s nostalgia for the good old days from a 2100 AD perspective. No matter what time period you’re in there  is always someone thinking the old days were better.That will be available on May 5th

Then on May 19th I’ll have the next book out. A short story collection with four short stories about angels and demons. This one’s a bit harder for me to put out because the stories are based incredibly loosely on biblical references. But I love the stories and iI want to share them. 

I am hoping to have minotaur out by the end of May as well but there may be done complications  only time will tell. 

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The time has come….

The week is drawing to a close, and, as promised, here I am.

I love reading, and I have a horrible habit of filling my kindle with books, many of which I might not get to read. But every time I open the cover I know there will be something amazing to find inside. And I want to share that experience, that love of finding diamonds in the rough among the countless books. And maybe I hope some of my stories find their way into your favorites as well.

So, tomorrow (4/23) is the last day of the 99 cent sale. You can also find Witch’s Sacrifice and Witch’s Curse on that list. You’ll also find some boxed sets, and a number of novels that look very interesting.

I’d also like to let you know about The Scarab Necklace and Footprints which are free this weekend. The Scarab Necklace is a look into what makes us tick, and what drives us insane. Footprints is about a young man dealing with a tragedy in his life, while also running from something in the woods.

And, as always, all of my stories are available in KU.

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Free Books

Just a quick note to let you know that I have two free short stories this weekend.

Twilight Tales has three short stories, and The Camera is about a  young boy that finds a camera with an unusual ability. It’s inspired from an old Stephen King short story.

There will be two more short stories available for free each weekend for the rest of April.

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I’m having a tough time focusing on writing over the last few days. And I can’t even say it’s the writing. Once I start writing it isn’t so bad, but when I try going back to read something so I can work on that particular thing, to finish something, my brain just kind of slides past the words and doesn’t let me wrap my mind around them.

This has happened before. Usually if I write something that doesn’t have anything to do with what I’ve already written, or if I go read for a while, the inability to focus passes. But I’ve been trying to push past it, right anyway, and…failing.

Sometimes you can’t push past things. Sometimes you have to deal with the thing standing in your way, be it stress, or a some issue in your life, or your health. There are just days where we loose focus. Sometimes a day to relax and take a break is enough. Other times you need something more.

Just don’t forget to take care of yourself. I know I’ve been forgetting that lately, and it’s just made it worse. So I’m going to go write something different, something off the wall, and just have a little fun today.

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What’s going on? 

I haven’t been posting a lot to my blog, but I should be. There are a lot of things going on that I should be updating people on. 

One, last night I did a challenge with Bjorn on my twitch stream,then I posted a little video on the results, and showed off the helmet/mask set I made. I might stream a few creative things now and then, or more challenges with Bjorn. His twitch is also growing a lot lately. 

I am on the home stretch with the first book in the Half Blood Sorceress series. Just have to reread it, clean up the chapters, and make sure everything makes sense. Then off to an editor. 

Every weekend in April I will have two free short stories available on amazon. Just check back Friday through Sunday every weekend for new titles. I’m also hoping to publish something new this month. Keep your eyes out for that. 

If you like art you might check out my instagram. I’ve been adding new drawings almost daily, andI think I might start doing something with them. Charms, stickers, pins, etc…. 

What else? Recovering from the car accident is going well. I have a new car, and you can find out more about that here

I think that’s about it. More writing. More drawing. More just having fun. 

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The Unexpected- An Accident

We make the best laid plans, then life throws us a curve ball.

On the 11th, driving home from work, someone pulled out of a side street and hit my car. It was bad enough that neither of our cars would ever drive again.

Loosing your car is annoying. Better because he had insurance to cover my lose, and the insurance company got me a rental for a week, but still an inconvenience. I had to go car shopping, have a lot of chiropractic sessions, and spend an awful lot of time on the phone with insurance agents. And how I hate car shopping.

All this right after I had been saying I wanted to get the first book in my new series finished this month…well, that didn’t end up happening. I did get a brand new (to me) car, and I have gotten back into a schedule of sorts. But the first book of “The Half Blood Sorceress” series isn’t going to be finished this month.

I think the worst part of the accident was losing my car. It was a good little car, reliable. Paid for. Gregg thinks the worst part is watching me cringe every time someone gets a little close to my lane on the road. He isn’t entirely wrong, I don’t like it either. But these things happen, and life goes on. We still have to drive, to go to work, and earn money to keep going. And books still need to be written.

The Mirror is free this weekend. 

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