Free books, and a challenge


Today’s free books: The Camara, Potion Shop and Twilight Tales. That’s five short stories for free!

Also, we recorded the first episode of “The Bradbury Challenge” podcast this morning. It’s a challenge undertaken by me, +Maya G​​ and +Gerald Hornsby​​ to write one short story every week because “no one can write 52 bad short stories.” (Or we’re masochist, whichever.)

The podcast will be out every Monday, and I will be giving away my short stories every week in my newsletter. So if you’d like to read along and see if it’s true that you can’t write 52 bad short stories then you can sign up here. (Also a reminder, these short stories will eventually be available on amazon, etc, but most of them will not be released for at least a month, so the only way to get them is through the newsletter.)

If you’d like to take the challenge with us, or just watch us trying, then come to the website and tell us about it! Share in our misery and successes.


New Serial? YES PLEASE!

If you haven’t listened to “Serial” yet then you should. You can find it here. It’s full of nail biting cliff hangers, and amazing plot twists that make any “who-done-it” worth watching.

There were some moral dilemmas also. this wasn’t a random “who-done-it. This was an actual murder case, with an actual man still behind bars, and an actual conclusion as to what the host thinks was and was not done correctly, and what she concluded about his innocence and/or guilt.

Can you make a podcast about a living, breathing person? Can you put his life and crimes on trial in front of millions of people? Clearly the answer is yes, because they did. And they are coming back with two more seasons!

I learned about Serial through, of all things, a tweet.

Two girls walked by me today, deep in conversation. “There’s no way Adnan did it,” one of them said, and my world got that much smaller. – Wil Wheaton

This intrigued me. Who was this Adnon and why wasn’t I in on the know? So I looked him up, and then I found the podcast. Once I started listening I couldn’t stop.

After listening to several episodes I started searching the internet for more information about the case, and who was involved. I found forums, and sub-reddits, and podcasts about the podcast. People were obsessed about this story, and kept coming back for more.

The outpouring reminded me of the days, long ago, when people would talk about the latest episode of some TV show EVERYONE was watching. We rarely have things, like Serial, that fascinate a majority of our population anymore. The only other thing I can think of is “Game of Thrones”, and sports. Maybe things like the Avengers, and LOTR movies. There is so much media out there, and so many different ways to get it, that unless you are in that group you don’t know anything about it.

Serial was also the first hit in podcasting. They had more listeners every week then any other show in the history of podcasting. This opened the doors for other podcasters to be recognized. I think two more seasons can only help the rest of us.


Tonight we filmed the very last episode of Story Telling Podcast. As Garrett said, it was an end of an era. But there comes a time when it’s better to let things go.

I loved STP, all the people we talked to, and just hanging out and talking about writing with some of my favorite people. I got to know David Wright, and Quotidianlight along with a lot of other really amazing people. I felt like a part of the communit.

But STP also had it’s problems, the biggest one, and the one we eventually couldn’t get past, the scheduling. Too many people pulled in too many directions and it just made things eventually fall apart.

On the plus side, STP was a great experience. Because of it I started my own vlog, which I plan to do more of, and I will be streaming games every week now. I might even start playing Minecraft on Twitch again (because I already play a TON of that game.)

I’m going to miss the show, but I am looking forward to new projects, and finishing more books so that I can share them with you.

Keep creating guys!

Indie News Bites: Episode 1

The first episode of “Indie News Bites”, your bite of news in the indie spotlight.

I am breaking away from Self Publishing Round Table to do bite size news chunks. This first episode isn’t that long, but in the future I hope to fifteen minute segments with three or four stories.

But you should definitely go check them out at for some great interview shows.

Now… It’s my first episode, so I made a few mistakes, and redid this several times before getting it to…. mostly… where I want. But I have confidence I’ll figure it out eventually.

Today I discuss the new masters degree available at University of Central Lancashire.

Find more information about me at
Find my books at

If you’re interested in more episodes please like and subscribe. And if you know of any news I should cover add a comment below.

Podcasts Galore!

So, if you haven’t noticed, I am now a full fledged member of Story Telling Podcast. I’ve already made my debut episode here. It was pretty great. We talked about, and maybe argued a little, about what makes a writer a writer, and the difference between author and writer. And a few other things.

We also had another episode of Self Publishing Round Table.

Also, Story Telling Podcast will now be on Monday nights every week, unless the sky falls.


A list of great podcasts you should watch or listen to:

Self Publishing Podcast (Better Off Undead is there too)

Story Telling Podcast

Self Publishing Round Table

Buddy’s Writing Show

Siege Perilous Podcast (book reviews)

Books and Beer

Around the Web

Yes, we are doing the podcast, but occationally I find some interesting studies and articles that aren’t right for the podcast. So, it looks like I will be dong “Around the Web” again.

This week:

Doctors now prescribing books to help treat depression, OCD, and other mental ailments.

Which goes well with this study that says reading books boosts your brain function for several days.

The daily routines of famous authors.

Stop analyzing, just write! (video)

A blog post about creating a little bit every day.

Which goes nicely with this G+ campaign to create #onething every day next year.

Some Updates



So a few things have happened this week.

I published “Potion Shop”. It’s available for 99 cents at the moment, but will be raised to $2.99 on Monday. You can find it on Amazon or Kobo.

I also published a few more books on Kobo. Two of them are stuck in publishing. Kobo’s tech team is working to figure out why that is, and hopefully all of my currently available titles will be available on Kobo and Amazon very soon.



Also, I have three chapters left to edit and finish writing for “Forgotten Ones”.

I am hoping it will be out this weekend as well. I’ve been sick for the last few days so it’s slowed down my writing quite a bit, but now I’m starting to feel better so I have high hopes.

Also…. Tonight is the Self Publish Round Table Podcast. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you need to! We all have a roaring good time, and the comments get pretty awesome. If you hang around after the podcast we usually have an after party and chat with all our wonderful fans.

See you tonight!

Around the Web

“Around the Web” has taken a new path. I use to gather a bunch of articles I found interesting and just share them here. But now… I have a whole podcast to share and talk about them on!

So, here are a couple things we did not get to, and a couple that came up this morning:
Literary agent wish list.

6 things only writers understand (I found this list hitting really close to home.)

How to write action that won’t show you’ve never thrown a punch.

And here is the show. A lot of great info this show, and some awesome websites.

SPRT Episode 6

SPRTJust finished up another episode of Self Publishing Round Table.

We discussed pricing. What should an author price their book at? What influences it? What should they consider?

We also talked about “The Beam”, and Neil Gaiman a bit.


On that note, Small Bites the complete collection is out, and priced at $2.99…. But I’m going to be raising it to $3.99, and raising all the individual books to $1.99. You may want to get it before the price increases…. It is also available as a paperback through Createspace. It is $6.99.