Short Stories

Quick stories to spark the imagination. All stories in this category are less than 40 pages long. Enough to read in an afternoon, or a day at the beach. And all of them are priced at 99 cents. If you join my news letter you will get notifications when they become available for free as well.


The vastness of space is the final challenge.

The future holds longer life spans, and distant journeys.

Four short stories that touch on longevity, war, travel, and immortality in a far distant future.

Each short story is a picture into a possible future.


The Wall – A soldier returns to a memorial left behind on a distant world.
Cloud – Two people trying to make sense of a tragic occurrence.
A Child – In the distant future life changes may have different consequences.
Immortal Knot – Is immortality wise?

Stars End (29 pages)


Sometimes the horrors you know are better than the secrets in the dark.

A fantasy haunted house novella.

Millie has convinced Thulamor to return to the mansion where he was born and confront his shadowed past. Sold into slavery as a baby by his own parents, Thulamor would rather burn it all to the ground.

She convinces him to find answers to the questions he has so that he can move on. After all, she has been talking to ghosts all of her life, and has a ghost companion. She knows what can happen to a soul that can not let go of the past.

But the secrets they find inside the house are darker than any of them could have imagined.

Ghostly Intentions (47 pages)


A comedic look at self fulfiling prophecy.

For the last century one bard after another has come into “The Drunken Unicorn” to sing about the prophecy blazing from the wall in shiny blue neon. Galdris, the new owner, has had enough. He’ll stop at nothing to remove the prophecy that has tormented him since he bought the inn. Even if it means fulfilling it.

Comedy meets magic in this fun tale.

Prophecy By Barlight (22 pages)


Dark creatures in the night await…
An anthology of dark tales.

In echos of dreams we remember being watched. Uneasiness. Knots in the pit of your stomach when you know something isn’t quite right. Dark shadows from our own subconscious.

Here in waits three fantasy short stories that explore the darker parts of obsession, duty, and faith.

˃˃˃ Three short stories!

Twilight Tales (31 pages)


The demons inside are sometimes worse than those outside.

Jake came to his fathers cabin to say good-bye, and sort out his own emotions after his fathers violent death. But he quickly finds out he isn’t the only one in the woods. Something’s stalking him, and he isn’t sure it’s human.

With no one to turn to but his golden lab, Sadie, and memories of his father, he has to make it through the night.

A story about coming to terms with the past, and finding the strength to move on, even in the face of danger.

Footprints (21 pages)


Angels of darkness, death and destruction…

Somewhere the angels watch over their charges. And some fall from grace.

Dark Angels is a collection of short stories exploring some of the darker themes around the angle of death, the fall from grace, and a chance encounter with a fallen one.

˃˃˃ Four short stories exploring the darker side of fallen angels.

Dark Angels: Fallen Angel Anthology (30 pages)


A joyride has a different meaning in the future.

Jamie has played every VR car simulation he has ever come across, but the cars in VR are nothing like the ones on the road. VR doesn’t have autopilot, and rumbles with a gas engine, something that’s been harder to come by. He has never been able to sit in a real car, feel the rumble, or smell the exhaust. He’d give almost anything if he could.

Maybe if he snuck into Mr Millen’s old abandoned shed there might be something waiting for him. But there’s a price. There’s always a price.

A short story about exploration, and the excitement of finding something awesome hidden in the shadows. And maybe a touch of nostalgia for what came before us.

Hidden Treasures (17 pages)


Practical jokes and magic take a turn.

Meek little Marcy didn’t know what to expect when Liza talked her into going to the local potion shop. She certainly didn’t expect the handsome man behind the counter. Travis is charming, and seems just as taken with Marcy as she is with him.

But, when Marcy goes back inside to give Travis her number, something has changed. Travis has become gruff and cruel in the blink of an eye. What could have caused such a turn? And what is she going to do about it?

Potion Shop (28 pages)


A beautiful costume, and a touch of magic.

Emily found the perfect costume for Halloween, a beautiful dress that makes her into a real princess.

But there’s something strange about the costume shop, and the woman behind the counter. Then there are the bullies, Ryan and Billy, who make every day a tough one.

Magic is in the air, but when all of Emily’s wishes start coming true she wonders if that’s really a good thing.

Costume Shop (33 pages) Illustrated