The Witch’s Trilogy

The world of Peyllen is a cruel world filled with magical creatures, and a mad goddess sleeping beneath the waves. Though the goddess sleeps she still effects the world above.

The Witch’s Trilogy 


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What will a mother do to save her child? …Anything!

Since the creation of the Sea of Tears the acolytes have sacrificed witches to the kraken.

When Alyn’s daughter starts singing to flowers she begins to worry about her. When the flowers start to listen to the young girls songs Alyn becomes terrified. How do you rescue your daughter from a fate worse than death?

Witch’s Sight (Witch’s Trilogy Book 0)


Her forbidden secret will make her powerful….and hunted.

Marizza has only known a world in which magic is forbidden. Those found with any magical ability are sacrificed to the great karken by the acolytes. But when she protects herself from the town bully with a burst of magical ability she becomes the hunted one.

Now she must journey across the Sea of Tears, where she will make a choice that could transform the lives of everyone she loves.

Witch’s Sacrifice (Witch’s Trilogy Book 1)


Hunted since birth, now Okira must use the power she has been hiding…or die trying.

Trained in secret, hidden from the rest of the Sea of Tears, Okira felt safe; until fate had other plans for her. When a playful sylph pulls Okira into the ocean it sets off a chain of events that lead her down a deadly path. To survive Okira must tap into the abilities she has only begun to understand, stretching her knowledge to the brink.

Now Okira must travel across the Sea of Tears with the shape shifter, Brother Hawk. Together they must find a way to stop the acolytes in their mad lust for power before the high priest unleashes the kraken and destroys everyone.

Witch’s Curse (Witch’s Trilogy Book 2)


The hunted must now become the hunter. But is it too late?

Okira set off a cascade of events that changed everything. Nothing is what it once was and now she must come out of hiding before chaos descends upon them all.

High Priest Alistir escaped, and he is still determined to destroy every witch in the Sea of Tears. This time there is more than Okira’s life on the line, it’s the entire Sea of Tears.

Time is running out. They must make friends with old enemies, joining human kings and witches together for the final battle…or no one will survive Alistir’s new plan.

Witch’s Stand (Witch’s Trilogy Book 3)


Other Books in the Peyllen World


For the love of the people, or the love of his goddess…

How can you stop tensions between two races that began upon creation? Water and earth. Fire and ice. Always at odds with one another. And now Grom is charging towards Iklestal, his army of rock-skinned trolls at his back.

Prince Ashini’s duty is to the people of Iklestal, but the beautiful goddess, Sekra, is pleading for peace. Trapped between his love for the goddess, and his devotion to his people, Ashini must choose.

The prince has one last option, but will the goddess survive the aftermath?

Osiren’s Tears Book One in the Mad Goddess Trilogy