Book Shelf

Half Blood Sorceress

dragon 1sml

Witch’s Trilogy (plus a short story)

Witch's Sightmsl WSsml Witch's Curse sm Witch's Standsml

The Hub World Series (litRPG)

Short Stories and Collections

footprintsmini smtwilight potionshop prophec3y

smallbitescommini.jpg moonlit sml hidden treasuressml darkangelsml

Eternal Tapestry – The Goddesses of Fate

necropolis2sm forgottensml

Peyllen – High fantasy stand alone books in the same world as the Witch’s Trilogy


Illicit Gains – Short Story series, paranormal.

mirrormini.jpg ringmini.jpg camramini.jpg scarabmini.jpg

Stand Alone Novellas

flightmini.jpg absolonsm ghostlymini

Coloring Books and Books for Younger Readers

Complete List of Books



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