Illicit Gains Series

Illicit Gains, Twisted Stories inspired by Stephen King, Twilight Zone, and Tales from the Crypt. “Illicit Gains” follows a group of cursed objects, and the consequences of using them. Each story is a self contained short story built in the series.


The origin of a curse began with silence.

When Judy inherited her grandmothers house she also inherited all the problems that came with it, including her Aunt Tracy. Bitter about being cut out of the will, Tracy strips every last thing out of the house to sell.

But she missed the mirror.

Hidden away in the attic, Judy rescues the mirror from a forgotten life amid the dust, and hangs it in her new living room. But somethings odd about the mirror. Some shadow looming in the reflection that she can’t quite place. And now Tracy’s back, and she wants it for herself.

Be careful what you wish for.

The Mirror


Sometimes wishes come true…and it isn’t a good thing.

A thief by trade, Tony’s spent his life walking a fine line between the law, and the local gang leader, Marco. Not that he had much to show for it. He’s been living in a run down apartment in the worst part of town, and in debt to Marco up to his eyebrows for too long.

But when Tony finds a ring with unusual properties he’s suddenly on easy street. No one can touch him. Not even Marco when he comes to collect on his tab.

Or so Tony thinks.

The Ring


This cursed item has blood in its gears.

When Anthony finds an antique Polaroid camera he can’t resist it. A piece of the past to add to his collection.

But this camera has unusual properties. And someone’s willing to kill to get it.

A portal to another universe? A snapshot in time? Anthony tries to figure out how the camera captures things. But he’s running out of time, and lives are suddenly on the line.

The Camera


Is confidence a blessing or a curse?

Becca Blake, a young pop singer on the rise, is used to getting what she wants. And what she wants is that necklace, NOW!

Samantha, her ever faithful assistant, does as she’s told. But at what price? The scarab necklace has a dark secret. A secret that might tear Ms. Blake down from her throne, and give her star power to another.

Is the necklace influencing Becca Blake’s odd behavior, or is it all in her mind?

The Scarab Necklace


If you could step back in time what would you do?

Coming Soon.

The Pocket Watch


With the world in the palm of your hands what could possibly go wrong?

Coming Soon.

The King Pin