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The last few week’s I’ve been rather obsessed with trying to finished “Forgotten One”, not just the writing and editing, but the cover (which I hate so far) and everything else that goes with it. The only thing I have “finished” at the moment is the blurb that goes in the description field. Even that needs a slight tweak.

So, to take a break from wracking my brains over this, here is another installment of “Around the Web”.
In no particular order.

Infograph, Self Pub vs. Vanity Pub vs. Traditional Pub

Why one author turned down a publishing deal from AmazonĀ (and from her blog, more)

25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author (which is quite funny, and has the same steps as a self pub from 1-9, then there are a lot fewer steps [editing, formatting, publishing, marketing] but equally as hard.)

10 places to get reviews on your book.

Balancing Work and Writing

25 Editing Tips.


4 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. The 2,770 copies figure is telling. If you expect to sell less than that, traditional is the way to go. If you expect to sell more, then self-publishing is the correct choice. Nice find, Crissy šŸ™‚

    • Except that if you do get a traditional publisher and it doesn’t earn out then you aren’t likely to get offered a new deal any time soon. Plus there are some good reasons o retain your rights and control, usually dealing with marketing, and back matter and such.

      I think the hybrid model is a good model because you have a power house publisher behind a few things, while you have your own rights, and marketing stratagy for your self pubbed stuff, each of them hopefully driving sales to the other.

      And then if you get a LOT of people buying your book it might be good to go traditional with print just so that they can manage, and improve it all that much more. I don’t think I want to ever give up my ebook rights, except maybe to have a traditional publisher get my books on iBooks. But I can do a lot of that myself.

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