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Just a little update before I get to the interesting articles I’ve found this week.

My computer is out being repaired, so hopefully that means things return to “normal” in my writing life.

I am at 62,000 in my “Mermaids Curse” manuscript. That’s not even close to where I wanted to be right now. That’s partly because of the computer, partly because some stressful things popped up in my personal life that had to be dealt with before writing, and a little bit because I’d look at the chapters and go “what the hell do I do now?” Thankfully most of these issues have been dealt with and I’m back to the (mostly) regularly writing schedule.

Lastly, I recorded an “Indie News Bites” but I didn’t have a way to edit it, and it sucks without at least a little editing, so that won’t get out till the day I get my PC back.

I will have a news letter that you can sign up for starting next week. The “Around the Web” will probably be one thing added to the news letter.

Now for you’re dose of Around the Web

Facebook buys Oculus Rift for $2billion

11 Strange Books (all traditionally published).

The unwinnable Choose-Your-Own-Adventure

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in Skyrim

Harvard has at least three rare books bound in human skin.

Amazons “most wished for” section.

Reddit discusses some future tech that may actually become reality


2 thoughts on “Around the web

  1. Life has a way of getting in the way of writing, sometimes. At least you’re back on schedule now. Best of luck!

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