Tonight we filmed the very last episode of Story Telling Podcast. As Garrett said, it was an end of an era. But there comes a time when it’s better to let things go.

I loved STP, all the people we talked to, and just hanging out and talking about writing with some of my favorite people. I got to know David Wright, and Quotidianlight along with a lot of other really amazing people. I felt like a part of the communit.

But STP also had it’s problems, the biggest one, and the one we eventually couldn’t get past, the scheduling. Too many people pulled in too many directions and it just made things eventually fall apart.

On the plus side, STP was a great experience. Because of it I started my own vlog, which I plan to do more of, and I will be streaming games every week now. I might even start playing Minecraft on Twitch again (because I already play a TON of that game.)

I’m going to miss the show, but I am looking forward to new projects, and finishing more books so that I can share them with you.

Keep creating guys!


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