What are you talking about?!?!

I’ve heard that from my boyfriend more then once… per day.

It usually happens when I start trying to tell him about something, or describe something that happens to me. Usually at work.

I mean it’s really easy to understand “there was a snake in a storage unit”. Yep, that is simple enough. Snake. Storage unit. Screaming customer. Animal control. Oh wait, cameras?

But sometimes I get excited, and the words start tumbling out of my mouth. Worse yet, sometimes they get stuck somewhere between my mouth and my tongue. I don’t know why, but it is far easier to get the words out when I type then it is when I speak. I suppose it’s a good thing I decided to be a writer and not a stand up comedian, because people don’t find comedians funny if they sit there saying “um” all the time.

I really have no point to this post. But I will let you know, if you’re still reading this, that I am half way done re-editing “Small Bites – Complete Collection” along with the extra content, and formatting for a physical book. The paperback will take an extra week, but the ebook should be available this weekend.


PAX 2012


This is Wil Wheaton… from the back of the theater. Now, if you’re at the back of the theater you can’t actually see the person talking. Not unless all the peoples heads in front of you line up just right and you manage to catch a glimpse in between heads.

The conference rooms aren’t really set up for this as far as I can see. And the audio is a bit low. But worth it? Heck ya!

Now, I am bias. I’ve been a Wheaton fan since I was 10 years old, watching Star Trek TNG and harboring my secret crush on the ultra intelligent Wesley Crusher. But Wheaton, himself, is incredibly funny and knows how to tell a good story. And his stories matter to the crowds that show up to see him because most of us were/are nerdy gamers who played a lot of the games he did, and had similar experience (minus the awesome Enterprise crew, though we envy that.)

Sadly, the Fawkes Guild comic that I had, wrapped in cardboard and safely stuck in my hard hard cover D&D book to avoid crushing, went unsigned. Being a brand new PAX goer, I was lost, and given bad directions. The line was closed before I got there. Maybe next year?

So many games, and so little time. I demoed about 20 of them, watched people playing several others. Watched people be the aliens hunting down space marines, and killed a zombie in Walking Dead after learning she was probably a little girls baby sitter. Got t-shirts, pins, and coloring books….

All in all PAX was amazing, and I’ll be going next year.

Random Words

One of my favorite writing exercises is the random word. Several years ago I joined a writers workshop that did Short Story in a Week. Five groups of five random words were given, and participant could use one or all of the lists in a short story exercise.

Random are great ways to generate ideas. Take this generator.
It gave me these words:

The fairy empire is in heated battle with the cheese loving citizens of Wisconsin, and taking to the sky, ready to attack!

A silly sentence, but fun, and able to add more ideas.

Search for random word generators on google. If you have a specific genre you like then add that genre. Try it a few times to get the creative juices flowing.