What are you talking about?!?!

I’ve heard that from my boyfriend more then once… per day.

It usually happens when I start trying to tell him about something, or describe something that happens to me. Usually at work.

I mean it’s really easy to understand “there was a snake in a storage unit”. Yep, that is simple enough. Snake. Storage unit. Screaming customer. Animal control. Oh wait, cameras?

But sometimes I get excited, and the words start tumbling out of my mouth. Worse yet, sometimes they get stuck somewhere between my mouth and my tongue. I don’t know why, but it is far easier to get the words out when I type then it is when I speak. I suppose it’s a good thing I decided to be a writer and not a stand up comedian, because people don’t find comedians funny if they sit there saying “um” all the time.

I really have no point to this post. But I will let you know, if you’re still reading this, that I am half way done re-editing “Small Bites – Complete Collection” along with the extra content, and formatting for a physical book. The paperback will take an extra week, but the ebook should be available this weekend.


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