Pax Prime 2013

2013-08-30 11.08.31 Got back from Pax last night around midnight, and I am exhausted. And… I’m going back tomorrow, and the next day.

I’m actually glad I took a day off from all the hub bub at Pax. It’s so much fun, but I think four straight days would have killed me. It’s just too much.

On the plus side, I met a lot of cool people, traded buttons, gave out a few buttons to people who I talked about my book to. I never actually got to give out a copy of my book, but I’ll have a two more days to do so.

I also played a lot of games, and got to test drive the Oculus Rift. Hint: I suggest you be sitting, leaning up against a wall, or strapped into an Omni Treadmill for this thing. I could not feel anything, not even the floor under my feet really, and when the me in the video game left the surface of the ground, or walked THROUGH trees, I got a little queazy.

However, playing a plat-former on the Oculus was kind of cool. I could look to the left and right, see down the tunnels, but I didn’t lose perspective of where I was. I could feel the desk, and the ground, and even though I was looking into the virtual world of the plat-former, I did not get queazy like I did in the 3D environment.

My friends and I agree… Oculus + Omni + Noise canceling headphones + Horror Survival = FUCKING AWESOME SCARY TIME!

For more pictures you can check out my G+ post. And expect more on Tuesday!


Published! AGAIN!

The Ring


My new title, The Ring, is a paranormal thriller. Just under 3000 words. It is 99 cents for the weekend and will be going up to $2.99 on Tuesday. (I’m giving it a couple extra days since I had technical issues and it didn’t actually get published until this morning. It will be available on both Amazon, and Kobo sometime later today.

The Ring is a modern, paranormal, fantasy, and is the first in a five book series. Each book will focus on one of the items, and some of the things that happen because of them.

I suppose it is a lot like “Warehouse 13”, the old “Friday the 13th” tv series, or “The Room” tv series. One item, one shenanigan, and a close. I might have to write more then five episodes if people like it.

Next week “Small Bites 3” will be out. I am hoping to have all four small bites, and the accompanying “Small Bites 1-4” book out by the end of the month.

The only thing that worries me, just a little bit, is that eventually I’m going to run out of half finished stories, and this once a week publishing is going to slow down. I guess I just need to learn to write faster.

I also ordered, and received, some stickers for my book covers. Once I got the book covers in my hand I realized just how much I loved them all. I’ll be giving some out at PAX, so if you’re there let me know.

2013-06-14 11.45.38

PAX 2012


This is Wil Wheaton… from the back of the theater. Now, if you’re at the back of the theater you can’t actually see the person talking. Not unless all the peoples heads in front of you line up just right and you manage to catch a glimpse in between heads.

The conference rooms aren’t really set up for this as far as I can see. And the audio is a bit low. But worth it? Heck ya!

Now, I am bias. I’ve been a Wheaton fan since I was 10 years old, watching Star Trek TNG and harboring my secret crush on the ultra intelligent Wesley Crusher. But Wheaton, himself, is incredibly funny and knows how to tell a good story. And his stories matter to the crowds that show up to see him because most of us were/are nerdy gamers who played a lot of the games he did, and had similar experience (minus the awesome Enterprise crew, though we envy that.)

Sadly, the Fawkes Guild comic that I had, wrapped in cardboard and safely stuck in my hard hard cover D&D book to avoid crushing, went unsigned. Being a brand new PAX goer, I was lost, and given bad directions. The line was closed before I got there. Maybe next year?

So many games, and so little time. I demoed about 20 of them, watched people playing several others. Watched people be the aliens hunting down space marines, and killed a zombie in Walking Dead after learning she was probably a little girls baby sitter. Got t-shirts, pins, and coloring books….

All in all PAX was amazing, and I’ll be going next year.

Pax Swag


My first PAX swag. Pays to be dating an enforcer. He brought this home for me last night. I absolutely LOVE Bastion, so it was really appropriate. The narrator really makes that game something that stands apart. (Think I’ll go play it tonight.) I’ll be visiting PAX on Sunday. My first con, ever! So excited! Wish I had time to make a costume, but still worth it.