The sea is deep and full of terrors.

The first trilogy I published is set in the Sea of Tears where witches are hunted, and the kraken is feared. There is more to this world than the island nation, and I hope to revisit it some day.

This weekend you can get the first novel in this exciting trilogy for free. Witch’s Sacrifice, the first steps in this dark fantasy.


Also an update to Vertigo. It is available on WattpadRoyalRoad, and now WebNovel. I add a new chapter every Saturday, and there are currently five chapters up. You can follow it there, and I will occasionally send out emails to notify when several new chapters are up.
Vertigo is a side quest for The Hub world based around trading card games.


Next month is NaNoWriMo and I already have the fourth book of The Hub World series planned and ready to go. Currently I’m working on the second book in The Half Blood Sorceress series. I’d like to get both out soon. I’ll give you an update on that after NaNoWriMo.

Until then, keep reading!


Need something to read?

unnamedI finally got the boxed set of the Witch’s Trilogy up. It’s a huge savings over buying the individual books. (9.99 instead of 14.97 individually)

The only thing I have left to do with this series is the two print books. Then I’m done and I can completely focus on the Half Blood Sorceress novels.

Speaking of which, I did get the print book back for Witch’s Curse after adjusting a few things, and I like it. I just have to make two tiny changes, then it will be up to purchase.

If you haven’t joined my authors newsletter you might consider it. I am giving away a free short story, Witch’s Sight, and some other promotions.

I love the world of The Sea of Tears, and I do plan on going back to it, eventually, but for now I’m happy to work on my Half Blood Sorceress series.

What’s going on?

Hello all you lovely people out there in the internet land. It’s so nice to see you again.

Things are finally starting to feel normal again. I’m back in writing/editing mode, completing that final chapter of Mermaid’s Curse, and getting that ready for an edit. I’ve also been writing a little here and there on a couple other things. Unfortunately I probably won’t be finishing any of them soon since I will be moving onto the second book in the Mermaid’s Curse trilogy next, but it does give me the needed breather from the trilogy so that I don’t get bogged down and start hating the book.

Rule number one if you’re me… don’t spend every waking moment on the same project till you hate looking at it. Break off, get a breather, enjoy a nice margarita while reading something fun (for me that has been “The 20 Sided Sorceress“) and just… Enjoy life for a moment. Then get back to the grind stone!

Also! The Ring and Small Bites 1 are free right now. AND! if you read them and sign up for my email here I will give you The Camera and Small Bites 2 for free! That’s four books… FREE! I don’t send a lot of email news letters, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them when you get them.

So… one more chapter to go, and I am already a third of the way through it… So, back to writing I go!

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written an update so I thought I should check in with everyone on progress.

Last week I showed the new cover I made for “The Scarab Necklace”. It came out incredibly well and I really loved it. I wrote a small section of the story and fleshed out the plot so that I could go back and finish it when I was ready.

That gave me a needed break from “Mermaid’s Curse” and I’ve since been back to finishing that. It is 88.5k words long now. I just have a couple chapters to finish up… All battle scenes; go figure. I’ve plotted them out and I’m just going through and making them read correctly now before sending it to an editor.

I’m loving this story. Don’t get me wrong, after nearly a year working on this, and stareing at it every day, I’m going to be soooooooooo happy to be done with it. But the story, the tragedy, the adventure, and the world make me so very happy. It’s the first full length novel that I can say I’m really proud of.

For NaNoWriMo this year I’ve already plotted out a new “Eternal Tapestry” book. There will be five books in that series. Hopefully I’ll finish writing two of them by the end of next year, though I’m going to shoot for three. Since they are only 30k words long it doesn’t take as long to write them. Forgotten Ones took three months, start to finish, and another month to edit. So… Let’s see if I am getting faster or not in the new year.
The next one, “Goddess Born”, is going to be number one in the series. It tells the story of the first meeting between Maylin, the new fate of the present, and Jadina, the fate of the past.

“Unicorn’s Fury” and “Gaia’s Blood”, the next two books in the series, draw on their experiences with other gods and goddesses in the modern world. I haven’t decided if there will be more in this series because I have other stories I want to get to, but it is definitely a fun series to write.

Okay, back to editing “Mermaid’s Curse”.

Another Day, Another Paragraph

I’ve been working on “Mermaids Curse” a lot lately, trying to get it finished. The plan is for the end of the month, and I think it might be close. It is currently 56,000 words long, and I’m trying for a little over 80,000.

I always have this trouble when I get the majority of a large word done. The bones are there, the pieces laid out, and all the easy sections are written. Now I just have to fill in the little sections in between. I suppose if I wrote more linearly this wouldn’t be a problem, but I’ve never had a very linear mind to begin with.

“Zombie Swarm” is on hold right now as I push forward with “Mermaids Curse”. After getting “Forgotten Ones: Eternal Tapestry” edited, and seeing how well it turned out, I am really excited to have a finished full length novel, and getting that edited. Even a pro cover.

Once I have “Mermaids Curse” finished I will probably go back to the “Eternal Tapestry” trilogy and finish the other two books before going back to “Eversword Saga” and digging into the rest of the ten book series. (I have the bones of at least 4 more books finished, I just need to go in and build up the rest of it, so hopefully I have more published by the end of the year.)

So much to write, so little time.

Look for another exciting episode of “Story Telling Podcast” monday at 8pm PST.

I also did another Indie News Bites, this time with four news stories. I am going to try to make a new one each week now that I know what I’m doing, and have got it down to about two hours of production. It will go even faster once I’m more comfortable in front of the camera.