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5 Min – Day 5 – Drawing

It’s been almost a week and I’m still doing my morning pages.

Yesterday I worked on cleaning up a bunch of art work so I could use it for things like buttons, stickers, and charms. I know, it’s not that interesting, but I use to sell them on Etsy, and they are fun to make.

If I ever can support myself as just an author it’s going to take time. I just don’t write quickly, and I am terrible at marketing, so it’s going to take persistence and finishing more work for me to actually get to the point where I am making enough from books to not have a second job.

That’s where the art work comes in. The little pictures are cute. There are all sorts of things from superheroes to girls on the beach, and little penguins. And I use to actually sell these things, so maybe I could make a little money from them now.

Will I make a lot? Probably not. But I enjoy them. I really love the button maker, and stickers and charms are just fun. So there you are.

The other thing I did yesterday was clean u a bunch of paperwork and other items to clean out the house. Decluttering has become important, so I’ll be picking something in the house to clean every day. A bookshelf, a cabinet, a set of drawers. Anything that I can get out of the house to make it cleaner.

And the five minute mark hit just in time because I ran out of things to talk about.

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Weird things

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop. I try to get at least a couple presents there every Christmas. It actually makes shipping for Gregg easier since his Christmas list includes “dead things.”

Our first Christmas together I bought him three skulls from etsy. He was thrilled! I’ve since gotten him a palmistry hand, and a two inch human skull carved from a nut. (It looks like ivory, but no elephants were harmed for this carving.)

It always amazes me what you can find in etsy. So today starts my “weird things on etsy” pinterest board. I will also be doing a new blog post about these wonderful things once a week.

So today….

partsEver wanted to add a torture chamber to your doll house? parts2Well have I got the body parts for you. Your very own bloody body parts for your doll house torture chamber. Put it right next to your doll house black magic set. (I really want the doll house black magic set actually, it looks awesome.)

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