Authors Problems

I have been so busy going over edits for “Osiren’s Tears” that I haven’t been actually writing much. I feel like I am slacking, it’s horrible.

It isn’t like I haven’t been doing anything. I have to reread every line of “OT” to be sure the editors edit agree with my style (most are grammar/spelling/punctuation, so it’s a gimmie, but a few are just a matter of style, and choice.)
I’ve also been redoing the cover to get it “perfect”, trying to get a good description blurb, and working on some formatting issues.

I’ve been spending hours on all the little things, but not actually writing.

So I am looking at my word count chart and there is this huge dip after I finished “OT”. Nearly a week with very little, and sometimes no writing. And I feel so guilty!

But this is a good thing… so I said to heck with it all and sat down and wrote a couple scenes for a “super secret surprise”.

It felt good to actually write again, and hopefully I can get it done in the next week.


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