The blurb

I like parts of the first blurb, but it was pointed out that the real meat of the blurb was the last two sentences, and fewer people would get to those sentences. Also, Ashini is the main character of the story, not Grom.

So, a new blurb. What do you think?~

Ashini, prince of the menaids, is trapped between his love of the beautiful goddess, Sekra, and duty to his people. The goddess pleads for peace between the menaids and trolls, while his people demand that they stand their ground.

How can you stop tensions between two races that began upon creation? Water and earth. Fire and ice. Always at odds with one another. And now Grom, leader of the trolls, is charging towards Iklestal, his army of rock-skinned trolls at his back.

Ashini has one last option, but will the goddess survive the aftermath?


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