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The big news right now, or course, is the bombing in Boston. But I can’t add to the conversation on that except to say that I am glad the news is acknowledging that this is not just about us here in the states. It was an international marathon, one of several in the world. And while it was a sad tragedy, I hope that it is used to bring us closer together, not push us farther apart.

Now… some things from the writing side of life.

Amazon and Publishing Royalties (I love that Amazon is listening tot heir writers! Let’s hope they keep listening.)

27 Wacky Ways to Cure Writers Block (some interesting, and unusual ideas I’ve never come across before.)

Writers Club ultimate resource list…. Just.. ya, go look.

Interview with R.A. Salvatore at Comic Con

Perspectives…. Author vs Director

Simple advice from Neil Gaiman


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