Review: Marked by Magic by Jasmine Walt

I just finished the fourth book in the Baine Chronicles, Marked by Magic, by Jasmine Walt, and I just had to share it.

I love this series. So many parallels to the real world, and yet still firmly rooted in it’s own magical world. A lot of action, and some romance, with a lot of mystery and political maneuvering. From the ending I think there might be more political intrigue in the next book as certain people try getting in between the main character and her romance. Looking forward to that as well.

This is quickly becoming my favorite series to read this year. Without coming out and saying it directly, Miss Walt manages to talk about difficulties when different races, religions, and political beliefs clash. By using a person that has never quite fit into any of those spaces, and suddenly gets thrust into the world that she has been taught to despise her entire life, Miss Walt is able to show the ugliest parts, while also showing that there are good people out there too, and most of them are just trying to feed their family and get by.

The world, itself, is fascinating, too. Magic, steam power, and the budding influence of technology. They have electricity, but they don’t have automation. Steam cars, and air ships, but guns and minting actual gold coins is illegal. I love the way she builds this world, and balances the three races of human, shifter, and mage.

For this specific book in the series Miss Baine has a target on her back, and has to get to the bottom of the renegades before someone gets to her first. While there is romance, this book is more about Miss Baine learning to control herself, and her actions than it is the romance.

All in all a great book, and series. I’m glad I picked up the whole set.


You can pick up the first book in the series, Burned by Magic, for 99 cents!


“Forgotten Ones” and a Free Book?

A few months ago ZC Bolger (@zcbolger), an author and friend of mine, read “Necropolis”. That is a short story in “Twilight Tales“.

It sparked a short discussion, which sparked a bigger idea in my head, and I’m now writing a sequel, of sorts.

“Forgotten Ones” is getting away with me a little bit. It is already 12,000 words long, and only half finished. This is good, I said I needed some longer titles. I guess I’m getting them.

It also worries me a little bit. I can’t afford editing right now, more now then before. My car needs repairs, rent is due, children to feed, blah, blah, Blah, BLAH!. Whatever, you don’t care what my troubles are.

What you might care about is “Forgotten Ones”. Set in the modern era, it is a fantasy story involving dying gods and goddesses, three fates with the ability to see the past, the present, and the future (respectively), and political intrigue as gods and man position themselves to save/destroy the world as we know it. But who wants to save it, and who wants to destroy it?

I really love this story. I’m going into how the Fates became what they are, and how the world works. It’s set in this world, and has some things from current events in it, like the Pope, (though only as a distant figure that has no actual influence on the current story) and the rise of technology.

I think this is the longest thing I’ve written in a while. “Flight of the Griffins” was 12000 words, and “Osiren’s Tears” was 30,000, but they were both written back in February. I love the change of pace, and I honestly can’t wait to write some longer books.

I’m also learning a bit more about how to complete longer works faster. I wrote a bit over 5 pages today, and I am working to write more pages each day. It doesn’t seem as daunting as it did six months ago. It makes me think I could do this full time some day, and produce a novel every month (if I could just work out the pesky money issues).

As for the free book….

I am going to be entering “Small Bites: The Complete Collection” into the Story Cartel contest. 5 copies of the paper back will be up for grabs. What do you have to do? Read the book, write a review, and get entered into a drawing to get the free paperback. Story Cartel lets you download the ebook for free in order to do the review.

I will have more info about that later, and I will also be putting up separate paperback for those who already bought the book and would like to get in on a drawing for a free paperback. I just have to figure out the logistics of this.

Come back next week for more info.