Sales and Coupons

Flight of the GriffinsI finally started putting books up on Smashwords, and hopefully that means they will be available elsewhere. To celebrate you can get “Flight of the Griffins” at 50% of this coupon: GJ84D , or “Osiren’s Tears” with this one: CD56X .


This weekend I should also have “Small Bites: the Complete Collection” on Amazon count down. It will go from 99 cents, up to the whole price of $3.99 the weekend. Keep an eye out for that. I will try to announce it on Twitter.

“Flight of the Griffins” and “Osiren’s Tears” are both novella length fantasy books. Small bites is a an anthology of twelve short stories. All of the books are between 10 and 30 thousand words, with lots of magic, sword fights, and unusual circumstances.

Now… I am going to go sit down and write gosh darn it!