Virtual Card Games?

I started writing a side quest for my LitRPG series. This is Cas’ story, and how she builds her own strengths and self confidence.

You didn’t have to read the litRPG series in order to understand Vertigo. This is a self contained story, with only minor references between the two.

Vertigo is a virtual trading card game. But trading card games are completely different inside a virtual world. Here Cas will have to hunt out the creatures she wants to add to her deck, and earn the right to their assistance.

Because this is a side quest I am releasing Vertigo for free a chapter a week. It is available on both Wattpad and RoyalRoad for free. The first chapter is already available. A new chapter will be released by Saturday every week. Bookmark, rate, and review please!


Maya has the best writing prompts.

A quick update, i just sent the final Witch’s Trilogy book to the editor. It will, hopefully, be published in a few weeks!

Now on to the main event, the Bradbury Challenge.

Last week Maya gave a great writing prompt. I can’t remember exactly what it was, and it is only on the audio podcast so I couldn’t look it up yet, BUT it did revolve around a stone wall.

Her prompt about the stone wall got me thinking of The Wailing Wall in Isreal where men and women put little notes and prayers on paper into the chinks in the stone masonry. Then I wondered…what if it wasn’t a prayer they were putting there, but a medal. A military metal, one earned in a great battle where nothing is left but the wall.

This story is a bit more experimental then I usually write, but I like the consept. I might redo it later to make it better though.

And now… The Wall.


The Wall


The rough stone bit into my fingers as I ran them down the wall. Chips where bullets peeled out sections. Names carved into the loose concrete. Larger holes left behind by pocket knives, broken bottle shards, or daggers. Each line, wrinkle and pit told a story in the wall.

I found a name, Judith Gavin, etched in a flourished handwriting only slightly jagged from the use of a knife on stone instead of a pen on paper. Beneath it a medal had been embedded into the stone. Rank first class gunnery. A tiny brass star gilded the center. Elite marksman. Judith had been the best of the best in her devision, and she left her medal here as a reminder.

Other medals for foreign service, combat action, organizational excellence, and commendations littered the wall, their enamel paint glittering in the low sunlight. Here a purple heart fit inside a deep well carved by a bullet. Another a badge for a medic with a long cut through the center, possibly done by a knife. Little flecks of red marred the caduceus. Blood?

Each medal, each badge, each trophy a memento that told a story. But what story?



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The Mirror

Today was the second day of the new podcast, and my newsletter was just sent the first short story, “The Mirror.”

This short story is going to eventually be the Zero episode of my “Illicit Gains” series, a series of short stories revolving around items that have paranormal properties. This includes “The Ring” and “The Camera.” I will be writing a couple of the stories during the Bradbury Challenge.

I still think we’re a bit crazy for trying to write a short story every week, but at the same time it’s encouraging me to write more, and that’s awesome in and of itself. And that also means more stories for you! You just have to sign up for the newsletter to get them.

Here is a short sample of “The Mirror”.


Judy rubbed a hand over the frame, polishing a floret in the engraved design. Aunt Tracy didn’t overlook much, but she hadn’t noticed the ladder up to the attic space, so missed the mirror. Perhaps she thought her mother had been too old to go up there, or that the crawl space wasn’t big enough to hold anything. Most of the items in the attic had been junk; old Christmas ornaments, craft magazines and a box of flower vases. Things most people would throw away or donate to a thrift store. It was likely Tracy only saw the trash, never venturing far enough into the attic to find the mirror.

It meant Judy could keep one thing of her grandmothers, even if she didn’t remember her grandmother ever having the mirror.

She stepped back admiring her handiwork…and froze. She blinked, clearing her eyes. Surely they were playing tricks on her. A shadow seemed to pass over the image in the mirror, something that twisted her own face into something

Judy squinted. What was that? A trick of the light? A shadow?

A shiver ran down her spine as she took a step back. Her mind was playing tricks on her, surely, but something did seem off about the mirror.



I have been wanting to publish something new for a while, but have been working on “Forgotten Ones” for quiet some time, which won’t be released until it is finished.

But, I had been considering “writing in public” on Wattpad.  I had two ideas, a post-apocalyptic following a group through the ruins of Seattle, and a science-fiction space opera aboard a ship in deep space.

I haven’t ruled out the space opera, but I did the first chapter of “Absolon” and published it over on Wattpad.

I will do a new chapter of “Absolon” every other week, and still keep working on “Forgotten Ones”.

I have three chapters to go on “Forgotten Ones”, then I need to finish the cover, and send it to an editor. Till then, hopefully you’ll enjoy Absolon.

A Trick (A free short story)

There was a little contest today for a flash fiction story about this picture. So I wrote one. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, you can vote for me by adding a +1 to it.

A Trick

“Ha, ha, Dinah, I knew we could do it,” the little fairy said, leaning back in her saddle and tapping Dinah’s sides with her heels.

Dinah mewed, unmoving. It really didn’t matter if the commands came from fae or humans, cats rarely listened to anyone unless they wanted to.

“I can’t believe she fell for it,” the fairy said. “I mean really, chasing rabbits in the glade. She’s seven, isn’t she? That’s ancient in human years.”

She leaned back, watching a dragonfly buzz by over head, a smile widening across her face.

A frown furrowed her little brow. “You don’t think Chez would ruin it, do you? I mean, it’s so perfect, a human child in the fairy hill. We can torment her for ages. But you know Chez, she likes to meddle. “

She leaned forward, scratching the kitten between the ears. “No, she couldn’t possibly do that. I mean, the last time she interfered in someone’s mischief it started a war. We couldn’t leave the under-hill for a century. The humans forgot we existed. Surely she wouldn’t do that again.”

Dinah mewed, leaning into the scratch.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?”

The fairy looked up to see a perfect set of white teeth floating above a branch. From around the teeth a fairy materialized, her wings flickering in a purple glow.

“Oh, Chez, I was just thinking about you.”

“Red, I knew you wouldn’t waste any time getting out of the under-hill.”

“It’s a beautiful day,” Red said, laying back on Dinah. “The sun is shining, and the flowers are singing. Of course I’m out here enjoying it.”

Chez leaned against the tree trunk. “And the little girl?”

“Which little girl?” Red said, blinking big eyes up at her innocently.

“So many to choose from, it’s a pity you have so little time to play with them.”

“Exactly!” Red said, snapping up to attention. “I’m glad you understand.”

“Hmmm… You know, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been a cat,” Chez said, her shape fuzzing. “I think I might like to be a cat again.”

Chez’s shape changed around her perfectly grinning teeth, shifting into the form of a cat with purple stripes.

“A Cheshire cat?”

“But of course. We all need to be something, don’t we? Why not a cat?”

“Why not indeed. What are you up to, Chez?”

“Oh, about the height of a tree branch,” she said. Her tail started unraveling into thin air. “But that will soon be rectified,” she said as her body faded. “I’ve something to attend to within the hill.”

The grin grinned down at Red, then blinked out of existence.

“She would!” Red cried, and blinked back into the fairy hill.