Small Bites 2 available now!

Late last night I published Small Bites 2.

Like the previous title, this also contains 3 short stories. However, I wasn’t quite able to stick with the less then 1000 words goal. “Carmine” is double that.

This title also comes with a bonus at the end of the book. The other two stories, “Scarecrow” and “Price of a Book” follow the less then 1000 word flash fiction rule.

“Scarecrow” is also in “Twilight Tales”, but as it is my most popular flash fiction story I had to include it in the Small Bite series. It just happened to fit in this collection.

Small Bites 2” is only 99 cents.


I finished re-writing “Prophecy by Barlight” last night.

I’m going through it again to smooth it out, and I am hoping for release on Friday at 99 cents. It will be 99 cents for a week, then it will go to $2.99.

“Prophecy by Barlight” is the tale of Galdris, the poor hapless sot that buys the Drunken Unicorn, complete with a prophecy in vibrant blue letters on the wall. He soon discovers that the prophecy might draw customers in, but it also causes problems… problems that slowly eat away at him, until he’ll go to great lengths to free himself.

A comedic, fantasy story. 3500 words. (14 pages).

Small Bites 1

Three flash fiction stories. “Beware the Werewolf”, “Chimera” and “Griffins Flight”

Three flash fiction stories. “Beware the Werewolf”, “Chimera” and “Griffins Flight”

Small Bites 1 is now up and available for 99 cents.

The first Small Bites is three short stories about creatures. A werewolf, chimera, and griffins.

I had a little bit of an unexpected set back with “Osiren’s Tears”. I had an extra crit that actually will make it so much better in the end. Since “OT” is more then just short stories, and something I’ve been working on for years, I want to get it right before I push that publish button.

I hope you enjoy “Small Bites”, and I can’t wait to put the others up.