Such a good weekend!

The last three days have been so good! Between being productive, and getting things done, and being more creative, I actually feel much better going back to work tomorrow.

Wednesday was family time. We had lunch with my daughters, who I don’t see very much since they moved out. Then d&d later in the evening, with some cleaning in the middle. So I didn’t get to do much for myself that day, but I was okay with that because it was really good to see my girls, and friends at d&d.

Thursday I woke up in pain. That’s not unusual with me. I have joints that don’t like to work all the time, and some mornings hurt. Bjorn finally talked me into going to the chiropractor and that helped a lot.

Thursday evening I was able to stream day one of my new crafting project. Hopefully I’ll post it to YouTube in a more condensed version soon.

Today I took a mental health day from work. Boy did I need it!

I spent the morning playing games, running a few errands, and just relaxing. Then I spent the evening streaming with Bjorn doing leather work. So much fun! You can find the video on demand on my twitch stream still. I might post some of it to YouTube too.

Then after streaming I edited. It was the first time I had looked at my novel in a week, and I got two chapters finished today. It felt great to get back to work on it.

So, look for me on twitch. I’m enjoying streaming even if I’m not sure what to say on there.

And look for more updates on my novel soon.

Letting Go.

Yesterday we drove an hour south of Portland. It was a very long drive, and a bit tiring. And when we got there we dropped off my daughter, and her bags. Then my boyfriend and I jumped back in the car, and drove home.

She’ll be at school for about a year, learning some life skills, and getting some certificates and diplomas so that she can get a job a little easier. She’s 18. She’s suppose to do this sort of thing.

But for me… my little girl just left, and my house is so quiet without her. My other two children don’t talk as much, or share their art and accomplishments with me quite as much as Tiffy did. They don’t complain that no one is doing chores, or constantly pester me to go get things for their cat.

Not that these things are bad. She is a really helpful person to have around the house, especially when I work a lot. But it made a constant noise in my house that is now gone.

I’m so proud of my daughter. She’s facing some of her fears so that she can make her own way. She’s a good example.

Now… I’m going to go toss and turn for a bit and fall asleep.