Letting Go.

Yesterday we drove an hour south of Portland. It was a very long drive, and a bit tiring. And when we got there we dropped off my daughter, and her bags. Then my boyfriend and I jumped back in the car, and drove home.

She’ll be at school for about a year, learning some life skills, and getting some certificates and diplomas so that she can get a job a little easier. She’s 18. She’s suppose to do this sort of thing.

But for me… my little girl just left, and my house is so quiet without her. My other two children don’t talk as much, or share their art and accomplishments with me quite as much as Tiffy did. They don’t complain that no one is doing chores, or constantly pester me to go get things for their cat.

Not that these things are bad. She is a really helpful person to have around the house, especially when I work a lot. But it made a constant noise in my house that is now gone.

I’m so proud of my daughter. She’s facing some of her fears so that she can make her own way. She’s a good example.

Now… I’m going to go toss and turn for a bit and fall asleep.


4 thoughts on “Letting Go.

  1. My twin sons are about to start vocational school after summer. They’ll be doing it from home, but still it’s a big step to them becoming adults. They’ve been part of my life since shortly after I became an adult, so it will be really weird when they do move out.

    It’s strange, but it’s like time just creeps along and you don’t notice it. Then suddenly, *BAM* they’re already adults.

    • Yes! I was 17 when she was born, so she’s been here more then half of my life, and a constant companion.
      Makes me feel slightly bad for not talking to my own mother…. but not enough to actually talk to her.

      • It’s weird as well, they’re completely their own people. Matt wants to be an electrician and Daniel wants to work in hotels. Things I’d never want to do in a million years. Being a parent has to be one of the strangest feelings in the world. They go from bouncing, smiling toddlers to adults and members of society.

      • Totally agree. I keep telling them to stop growing, but they don’t listen. They are all taller then me, with their own wants and desires. Sigh. So much easier when they were 2 and I just had to keep them from putting weird things in their mouth.

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