Today was a day of getting closer to things, but never quite grasping them.

You know the days. Days which you work on things. You tidy up, or put a few things away, or write a few words, or get a few errands done. But nothing REALLY gets done, you just get a little bit closer to the end.

For me that meant getting together files for the Illicit Gains Series to be put into paper backs. I have the interior section done, now I just need to get the print covers finished so I can actually publish them. I just didn’t do it because I wanted to get a little writing done.

And I did do some writing. I am 9300 words into Ghostly Intentions, a short story. Well, a novella or novelette when I get done. Either way, it’s almost done. I have three little sections I am trying to complete, and I keep chipping away at it.

And I’m also trying to get my pins done for the convention. Oh, did I mention that? I’ll be giving away buttons when I go to RadCon this weekend 🙂

Alright, time to get to bed. And that’s my 5 minutes.


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