5min – Writers Block

I was listening to an episode of The Creative Penn today and she mentioned that all the pro writers at a recent convention she went to all have the same idea about writers block….it doesn’t exist.

The idea I see is “a plumber can’t have plumbers block, they have to go out and do their job.”

And they are right. Each and every one of them. A pro writer has to be able to get past “blocks” and just write, weather or not they feel like it. I have to go to my day job and do my work, or I don’t get paid. Same with a writer.

But, the idea of writers block is a thing. Perhaps it shouldn’t be called writers block though. Rather it is something causing the writer to spend their energy elsewhere.

For me it’s often bills. I have to pay bills, so I go to a day job, and I spend a lot of time on that day job. It’s a tough, and stressful day job. I often come home with a need to just close the door, and stay away from words for sometimes hours. That’s because my day job is using words. Talking to people. Trying to explain to them how to fix things. Depending on the day that is easier sometimes than others.

Other people might be “blocked” because they have family problems, medical issues or stress going on in their life that they are spending so much time on those things that they just don’t have time (or don’t think they have time) to do something creative.

Then there are the people that actually do sit down and try to write, but end up staring at a blank page for hours instead of writing. Now that, I think, is true. That isn’t a block so much as a lack of confidence. Inability to progress. Or plain don’t know what they are supposed to do.

I think I’ll come back to this idea later. But for now, my 5 min are up, and I need to go finish writing.


2 thoughts on “5min – Writers Block

  1. I think there’s also a difference between what people think of as writing-as-a-job and other-as-a-job. Most jobs, you don’t actually do the job itself for all the hours: sure, you turn up to the office/shop/whatever, but you aren’t doing the same task solidly. Whereas, writing is seen as either you’re writing or you’re not doing the job.

    Imagine if you assessed the job of shop staff the same way? The person behind the counter isn’t working if they aren’t physically performing a transaction or convincing a customer to buy. If we did that, would we have gurus telling us that “sales block” (the inability to sell something at a particular moment) didn’t exist?

    • Very true. In fact at my current day job we are getting so many calls that people are getting stressed out because there is no time in between calls. People have quit, and I’ve had to take extra time off just because I’m over worked. I never would have thought answering questions for eight hours a day would be over working me, but it really is.

      I couldn’t imagine writing eight hours a day and not going stir crazy.

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