Getting Fit

Gregg’s mom got me a FitBit for Christmas. It hasn’t been off my wrist much since then. I love it. At a glance I can tell how much I’ve been sleeping, how many steps I took for the day, and how active I was all week.

What have I learned? I’ve gotten really lazy, that’s what I’ve learned. And I don’t sleep well. Well, I already knew the second part, but it really does drive the point home by telling me how many times I woke up last night, and how few hours I actually sleep (6 on average).

Does it help me fix all of that? Well, it’s encouraging me to get off my butt and move around a lot more. I’ve also tried tracking what I eat and because of that I pass on a lot of the sugar and pasta that I would usually eat. I also take a second look at the menu for something semi healthy when we go out to eat. I guess that’s a start.

But really, for the sleep all I can do is try to go to bed a little earlier. So far it hasn’t helped since I just end up waking up earlier. Maybe my natural rhythm is to only sleep six hours? Or maybe I need to be more active so my body wants more sleep. I don’t know. Time to experiment.

I do know that I’m averaging about 5000 steps a day. That’s not enough, not if I want to be healthier. So I’ll be trying to increase that as I increase my word count.


2 thoughts on “Getting Fit

  1. Apparently, the mind is better at working out when to start shutting down to get enough sleep before a certain time than sleeping enough from a start point. Therefore, one of the easiest ways to fix many sleep pattern issues is to commit to getting up at the same time every day (rather than, for example, having a lie-in on a Sunday); once your mind is used to a fixed waking point, it will start consistently slowing down for sleep the right number of hours beforehand.

    It only works for some forms of disrupted sleep, but several friends have found it helped.

    • Ya, I get up every morning at the same time regardless because I have a full time job, so that’s not it. I do also have horrible insomnia though. I always have. I may just need to give in and take a sleeping pill to reset. It usually works.

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