Geek Speak

I’m a bit of a geek. I know, you didn’t know that, but it’s true 😉

So I thought why not chat about the geeky stuff on my vlog instead of just trying to talk about whatever comes to mind. I’m constantly reading about interesting geeky tech, games, movies, or reading some interesting comic or book. Why not talk about that?

There are two episodes up. It will probably be a weekly thing after a bit, I’m just trying to get a few episodes up for now.

Book two of the Witch’s Trilogy is coming along nicely. It is currently 61k long (about 200 pages). I split the first chapter in two and posted it here and here if you’d like to read it. I’ll be posting little bits of it on G+ from here till it’s published. Then I have the third one to do.

prophec3yAlso, I started getting my books in audio format. The first one, Prophecy by Barlight, is available now! It’s only $3.46.

The next one out will be “Footprints”. I just approved the recording today and it will take about a week for it to go through the system. I’ll be adding a few more of my books to their system. I love listening to them in audio, I hope others will too.


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