Would you read this?

The description for “Osiren’s Tears”. Would this make you want to read?

“The trolls are a noble, proud race, made from the very earth. In death they return to the earth, their blood and body becoming the precious metals and gemstones from which the mountains are made.

The menaids, lovers of beautiful things, found the stones and metals. They built their city, Iklestal,and laced it with magnificent works of art. Golden statues. Silver filigree. Gemstones and precious metals, all stripped from the last resting place of the trolls.

But how can Grom, the greatest among the trolls, live in peace knowing his ancestors are nothing but pretty baubles adorning the menaids? How did Osiren, his god, expect him to react when he found the lone menaid wearing his mothers eyes as earrings?”


4 thoughts on “Would you read this?

  1. Yes, I would absolutely read this. I think fantasy becomes much much better when there are believable race differences, history in the world and personal motivations. Your description has all these things, making me think it would be interesting to read.

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