End of NaNoWriMo

In a few short hours NaNoWriMo will be complete. Many people have already sent in their verification and “won”, including me. Some are going to be drinking coffee and scrambling for those last few words at midnight. Others had life get in the way, or lost interest along the way.

If you completed your challenge, congratulations! You deserve it!

At the conclusion of NaNo I now have two completed stories. One is 20k words, and the other is 30k. I also have the beginnings for a new sci-fi romance that just popped into my head today, and I got another 1500 words on that, and a complete outline.

But more importantly, I have a good habit of writing. Something I lost a while ago, and have been working on getting back for the last year. I hope that this has started something great.

I’ve decided I need to write or edit three pages a day, at least, if I really want this to be my “day job”. It doesn’t sound that difficult at the moment. Then I have those days where I have to cook dinner, or take children to doctors appointments, or days where I’m just sick, or tired, or fed up with life.

I’m rather happy with this NaNo. I’ve seen people who didn’t understand it, didn’t support their spouse, or thought it was ridiculousness. I am so grateful that my boyfriend pushed me to keep going. I can’t wait to start editing this, and hopefully have it up on amazon within a few months.


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