Writers Block

Like many writers, I’ve suffered that dreaded curse: Writers Block.

I’ve read so many books, articles, essays and websites about how to cure it. How to get inspired. How to confront the blank page…. I could probably recite them all to you.

Recently I’ve read come across a few that say there is no such thing as writers block. One went so far as to say a true writer will write, no matter what.

After contemplating, and examining my own case of it… I have to agree.

My writers block has never come because I have nothing to say. I have tons to say. Worlds and stories, lives of people just swimming around in my head wanting to be told. There has never been a day in which I did not have something I could write.

True, often the ideas are bad, or not well written, but that doesn’t mean a lot. Not everything I write will be gold.

No, what really stops me, what really keeps me from writing sometimes isn’t lack of ideas. It’s the burning question: Who Cares?

Who cares if I write this? Who will read it? Can I sell it? Is it worth all this effort if no one ever does?

I’ve considered putting one of my two published books up as free just to get a reader base. But I am mindful of the fact that if there is nothing else for them to read it won’t make any difference. So I wait, and get a little frustrated. And look at that paper and again say “who cares?”

And the answer is… I care!

Those words and stories, characters and dream that shift and turn and grow inside my head… they deserve to be told. Even if I never make a dime. Even if my children end up giving them away for free when I am dead and gone. Even if only my close friends ever read them.

They are worth telling. Worth writing. And thats worth breaking the “writers block” and getting back to work.


3 thoughts on “Writers Block

  1. A writer’s block is your brain’s way to tell you to give time for your subconscious to form the ideas. Best ideas come from the subconscious because our conscious is too busy with our reality.
    If you came across a block, I advise to let things go, if you force the idea it’ll come out bad, and maybe waste what could have been a great work of art.

    • While I agree with you. Sometimes this can be the case. For me it usually isn’t. Believe me, I went through 5 years of being blocked. All of that block had nothing to do with writing, and everything to do with a very bad marriage. But that’s another story.

      I think “Writers Block” can be caused by a number of things, and figuring out what that thing is can be the first step to clearing it out.

      • Well, each person has his or her own way in catalyzing their ideas. My way is to give it time, let the idea sort it self out. I hope things will turn out well by the end.

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