In the Middle

I’m kind of in an awkward moment. Not that i’m unused to awkward moments. I’m a mom, I’ve had lots of them. Raising children is like a series of awkward moments strung together with happy, and sad ones. (Though it’s more fun to make my kids awkward, than to be awkward.)

Flight of the Griffins” will be out this weekend. I’m thrilled. It’s taken a lot to get this behemoth of a story publishing ready, and I love the cover design.

Now what? This is my dilemma.

I am working on two novels at the moment. “Osiren’s Tears” is the first of a series set in a fantasy world. “Message in a Bottle” is my first paranormal romance that I may be publishing under a pen name.

Neither of these books are even close to being ready for an edit, let alone publication. I’m hoping to have one novel ready in March to be edited, and publish in April  (a daunting task). But I don’t want to simply do nothing for the next seven months.

NaNoWriMo is also coming up.

So, for the next seven months here is the tentative schedule:
Sep 16 “Flight of the Griffins” will release.
Oct 21st, “Small Bites” tentative release. (A book of flash fiction ‘scary’ tales, perfect for Halloween.)
November – NaNoWriMo
December – enjoying the holidays.
January 20th – “Magic and Mischief” (tentative title) released.
Feb – “Osiren’s Tears” goes to the editor.
March 17th … if all goes right…. “Osiren’s Tears“is released.


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