Prepping for NaNoWriMo

If you haven’t heard of NaNoWriMo… well where have you been?!

National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) is a fast pace group effort to churn out as many words as you can. The “Goal” is to write a novel, which is loosely classified as “50,000” words. There are forums, tags, badges, and more at the website where you can get encouragement to get those words out. It’s a wonderful experience!

They now have several school projects that teachers can use in their classrooms, with teaching aids to get kids writing.

I’ve participated in four different years. “Won” twice.

From mid September to late October many NaNo participants are getting ready. Deciding what to write, Nailing down a synopsis, updating info and adding counters to our websites. 

I love that Huge Howey, self published author of best selling book series “Wool”, keeps word counters up on his website year round so that his readers can see his progress on his books. I love that idea. I might be stealing that idea.

So, things will be a little slow around here as I prepare for NaNoWriMo, and get a few things in order. Hopefully that means I’ll actually be writing more, and publishing something just before November, and another something after Novemeber.


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