I was mentioned in a You Tube Video

At 57:30, I’m Christy, the one that sent in the question. For the record my voice is pretty high pitched, even for a girl. I’ve been asked a few times if my mommy was home. Not as often now, as I am in my 30’s, but still enough that I will be having someone else do my audio books. I also found this to be a really good discussion about “buying reviews” which has been hitting the news lately. In a nutshell… it’s a bad way to do business, makes other self publishers look bad, and for actual physical goods (like toasters) it can be even worse. On the other hand, it is really beneficial for actual readers to leave comments and reviews on books. I’ve sold mine 4 times and have yet to get a review (though someone raved about it on FB which was really nice). Good reviews, honest reviews, are sometimes hard to come buy. It’s really no wonder some people turn to buying them. Its still not the highest ethical standard.


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