An Update and a Book

First the update.

I finished “Flight of the Griffins”. It is now being edited by the editor, and will hopefully be out soon.

It’s be a long road, and I am very glad to see this one finished. I will be ecstatic to see it out!


I just finished reading “A Perfect Blood”. In it, Rachel Morgan has to deal with a serial killer doing ritualistic slayings who’s origins look demonic.

I admit I am rather bias. I love Kim Harrison novels. The magic, the mayhem, the witches and vampires… Yes, one of my favorite series.

Times have changed. Authors can, if they choose, be very interactive with their fans. Kim Harrison answers her fans on her Facebook page often, giving insights into her books. There is a character in “A Perfect Blood” which isn’t exactly introduced. So, natural, I went to the internet to find out where this character came from. The answer was on Ms. Harrison’s Facebook page. Another fan had asked her the same question, and Ms. Harrison gave her the name, and a brief description of where the character was introduced (in a short story in a separate book) but didn’t ruin the story for anyone.

More authors are choosing to stay in closer contact with their fans. Not just about their books, either. They share things just like anyone else. Pictures, news, updates on their personal life. These authors, those who “get a little personal” seem to do very well with their books too. They’ve made a connection with their audience.

After all…. if you actually like the person who’s writing you may feel even better about throwing some money their way to read their work.


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