I have a lot of articles and want to make a book, can I?

Recently someone asked if it was possible to compile all of their articles together and make one ebook for sale on amazon. The biggest problem with this is that most people looking for a non-fic book are looking for something specific to one subject. The few exceptions are things like “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, but they are all “uplifting” stories, or “amazing facts” style books, and thus have a running theme.

So if you find yourself in that position here are some tips to help you make it into a single book.

First, ask yourself if you are trying to put random articles together, are they relevant to one another? Because if they are not then it is probable that you will have a better chance marketing them as individuals to magazines for reprint.

Look for themes. Health and wellness. Colonizing space. Agriculture. Uplifting stories. Children. Wedding.

You can take 4 or 5 articles with a similar subject and rewrite them into a non-fic book on that subject. Then drum up readers by having your book linked from your main page of articles.

So find a way for them to work together, a common theme, or subject, and make it into a book, not just random pieces put together.


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