I have been taking the last week or so to convert all of my novels to Scrivener. It’s been a learning experience.

First, let me explain something. I don’t have one file for each novel. If that were the case of things would have been so much easier.

No, the novel I was working on today had nine separate files. The nine files happened over the years as I switched from Lotus, to Word, to RTF, and between three or four different PC’s. Each file had different parts. Two of them had nearly the whole thing, but each was missing some part.

I finally figured out the fastest way to compile these into one file was to open nine subsections in Scrivener, and paste each file in a separate section. Then I compared and compiled the sections together until I had each unique section, and could separate everything into chapters.

It was time consuming, but worth it. I am sure that I missed some minor things, or basic edits that I will have to redo, but all in all the time spent doing this was worth it.

Next I will have to compile this into one file so that I have a back up. But a single backup is much easier to handle then nine.


4 thoughts on “Scivener

  1. I recently finished writing a novel in Scrivener for the first time and I’m going through edits. I am starting to figure out more bells and whistles of the program each day. This your first time with it?

    • Yes, I am currently still using the free trial. My BF promised to buy it for me if I really am taking my writing seriously now. It’s nice having someone who believes in me enough to stick their money where their mouth is, lol.

      But yes, I just found the “Split at Selection with title” button. That is a very useful button.

      • Awesome! My hubby is a great cheerleader for me as well. I have not come across the split at selection button yet. I’ll have to look for that one…

      • I was updating old files so selected the chapter titles and right clicked. The “split at selection” is in the pup up menu. Or you can just right click anywhere and it says “split here” basically… Very helpful.

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