Sleep, what’s that?

Tired. That about sums up my day today. I swept three floors of the building I work at, and all the empty units, which made for a very tired Crissy. I think I’ve been far too sedentary the last year or two. Not that I didn’t clean the building and such during the last two years, I just didn’t do it all at once like that, with little sleep the night before.

Then Gregg, Tiffany and I went to the craft store where I recorded my semi-daily Vlog. It got a little musical.

Usually I just write about something I find a little profound or interesting for the day. But today, I just wanted to touch base, and maybe prove to myself that it was a more productive day then I thought. I shared a scene from my book, Put out a newsletter, posted the vlog, and a minecraft video, and I wrote another 500 words. I still have half an hour before midnight to go write a bit more. It’s actually been very productive, it just doesn’t feel like it.

Some days, like today, I get a lot of little things done but it doesn’t feel like I had accomplished much. Then when I type it all out I get a good overview of it all and realize I actually did quite a bit and I shouldn’t be quite so harsh on myself. Yes, maybe I could write more, but I spent some quality time with my family, and I took some time to do some other things to rest and recuperate. Now the writing can be better.

Moral? Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a closer look at what you’ve done and give yourself credit where it’s deserved.