Maybe I can do this

A while ago I posted this image of my “writing list”. It was overwhelming, to say the least. But I think I tamed the beast. After going through the list, the ideas, and the half formed plots I whittled it down to those that I actually had a fair amount of progress on, a fully functional plot, and an interesting story idea. And this is what was left over:


The ones on the left in yellow and orange are novels. Everything else is a short story, and the ones in the middle, in faded grey, are in the “to write after everything else is finished” category. Best part? See all those orange spots? Those are FINISHED! They are mostly first drafts that are complete and waiting an edit from me before I send it to an actual editor for the final edit before publishing. But… they are finished. So what does this mean?

This is me saying: I can do this. It isn’t as overwhelming as I was telling myself. And, when I am done with these, there are more stories in the well to draw from. I’m actually a little excited!

Slightly Overwhelming


This is my story list. Or rather it is a list of every story I have started and which I think would make a good finished product. Some have as little as a page already written. A few are finished. The ones on the left are all novels with as much as 100 pages already written. This is overwhelming, to say the least. It’s why I have taken it upon myself to actually stop screwing around and WRITE. It’s what I dreamed of doing when I was growing up. It’s what I should be doing. It’s what my brain wants to do. So I say to myself: No excuses! Go write!