5min – Veganisim

I got into a conversation the other day on YouTube about veganism. My original point had been about coffee: If I, a coffee drinker, sit next to someone in a restaurant that finds coffee offensive, should I apologize for liking coffee? Or should that person just deal with the fact that other people like thing that they don’t and the world is not a safe space?

A few people said coffee wasn’t that great an example, how can anyone be offended by coffee. But I’ve met them. They are out there. My ex MIL tried convincing me to switch to tea, and while I do like tea it does not do it for me. Have to have my coffee.

So I decided I’d add veganism to the argument. If I want to eat a cheese burger at a restaurant should I apologize to the vegan next to me because they are offended? Is it okay for them to call me a murderer? And of course I got a lot of responses from vegans about how much better veganism is, and how I should try it.

I did try it. In fact as of now we have a freezer with a little hamburger, and a lot of chicken in it. But mostly burritos. And that freezer of meat will last us a few months because we don’t eat meat very often. We don’t have steak anymore, and pork has been off the menu for years unless we get it at a restaurant occasionally. Mostly I subsist off eggs. I eat tons of eggs. Eggs are the best thing in life because if I have an egg every morning I don’t feel sick later that morning.

And that’s the problem I had with veganism. It made me feel sick. I often got the shakes, felt weak and tired, couldn’t concentrate. My mind would wander more then usual, and I even started having some blurry vision. As soon as I started eating meat again I was fine.

And I tried it all. I tried tofu, eating all the nuts, lots of peanut butter because I LOVE peanut butter. I tried fake meats, and beans. I tried everything. Nothing helped as much as having an egg, or a piece of chicken, in the morning.

Things are a bit more complicated for me because I can’t have much rice or pasta since I’m also pre-diabetic and I’m trying to not go full diabetic. Eating only veggies and some meat with the occasional pasta dish is what’s working for me to be healthy.

But I’m still a murderer according to some vegans. My health isn’t important. I was doing it wrong. What about the animals?

It’s just another instance of “my beliefs are better than yours, and if you disagree then you are worse then Hitler.” I respect vegans for following their beliefs, and I wish them well. But I do wish respect went both ways.

And that’s well past my five.


My Thoughts on Laci Green

Oh, how fast they turn on their own. And Laci is seeing what we, the bad eggs, have been saying for a while; free speach isn’t free speach if you silence those you disagree with. 

It’s an interesting change, and I hope it’s for the right reasons. In all honesty, I use to like Laci. She was smart, entertaining, and talked about things that caught my interest. Then she got more political, and started calling people names, like bigot and misogynistic, if they disagreed with her, and I started going to other channels. 

I don’t mind people disagreeing with me. I don’t have any problem with people having different points of view. In fact I expect and encourage it. 

I do mind when someone says their opinion is the right opinion and if you say anything other than their opinion not only will they tell you how wrong you are, they’re going to call you names, and try to get you blocked from every platform they can get you blocked from because you’re wrong and they hate your very existence. 

Worst of all, they usually have no hard facts to prove the other person is wrong, it’s all about feelings. 

And it appears that Laci is taking that same view…you can’t call people names, and silence them if you disagree with them. You should talk to them, have conversations, try to have actual debates.

I support her in this, though I wish she would apologize for her blanket labels of people in the past who disagreed with her. Still, any time someone is willing to come to the table and have a discussion rather than lash out at them I am 100% for that.

Here is a simple fact; those who ARE homophobic, or transphobic, usually haven’t been around anyone in their life who is trans or homosexual. They are less likely to change their point of view because there is no one in their life to show them that things can be different. If they are around people who are trans and homosexual they are more likely change their viewpoint.

How do you get homophobic and transphobic people around people who are trans and homosexual? Calling them bigots and screaming at them? Or talking to them like normal human beings? Showing them that the things they see on the internet, like feminists screaming at people and others holding people hostage in libraries because they are white- all of that isn’t normal! It’s not normal, and most people, even those who identify as feminist or SJW, aren’t like that. But how can the people on the other side see that they aren’t like that if all they do is block everyone and refuse to have meaningful conversations? 

When I said at the beginning “how quickly they turn on each other” I meant it. Laci is opening a path for conversation, hoping bridges can be built and some of the hate that has festered between the two parties can start to shift into more productive emotions, and her side has decried her. Called her out, shouted her down, and cast her out. Once ardent Laci supporters have since withdrawn their support, and I bet it won’t be long until they block her, and try censoring her as well. 

It’s sad to see. I’m neither on the right or the left in these arguments, I think both sides have good points, and both sides have some bad ideas, or language in their midst that can be toxic at times. But none of us can prosper if the arguments and censorship continue.

The diversity of ideas is so important, as is the freedom to speak, and say things even when others disagree with you. 

If we had censored every dissenting idea from the beginning would we still believe that the earth was the center of the universe? Science and tech, human understanding, and growth all come about because people are willing to talk, and others to listen. Galileo’s ideas would not have prospered if others hadn’t been willing to take a look, listen, and examine them. But the same holds true for bad ideas. Flat earthers do not prosper because we have examined their ideas, taken scientific studies, and disproven them. There is no anger over flat earthers, just science. It isn’t worth arguing with them, or calling them names, because the science is enough. 

I’ve been watching a lot of anti-SJW channels lately, and the one thing I hear over and over again is “why won’t they debate us? What are they afraid of?” Maybe Laci stopped being afraid. Maybe she actually believes in what she’s preaching and she wants to have real conversations and hold her ideas up to the light of another persons idea and see if it stands.

I’m okay with that. Are you?