Review: Witch Hunt by SM Reine

I don’t read a lot of mysteries, but I’ve been wanting to read something by SM Reine for a while. When I saw I could get a couple of her trilogies for free, then purchase the audio book, I knew it was a great chance to do so. I was in between books, so it was perfect timing.

Preternatural Affairs is about Cèsar Hawke, a witch, and his investigations into the darker side of magic. In the world that Reine created magic users are still in the closet. Demons have hidden cities that normal people can’t find unless they are invited in, and witches use herbs, stones, and circles to create some powerful spells.

It’s a rich world. In this first book she doesn’t delve into the magical side that much, most of it is centered around figuring out who killed the girl in his bathtub. But it takes a few spells, and some other magical help to get to the bottom of things.

I loved the fact that this was from the POV of a man. So many urban fantasy novels are from the POV of women right now, and it was nice to get a change. She writes him pretty well, and I loved that he’s a strong personality with a female partner with an equally strong personality. They play off one another well.

All in all, if you like paranormal, and you like mystery, this is a good series. And I fully expect it will just get better.

Also the guy who reads it has a really smooth, sexy voice.

And that’s my five.


Review: Stranger Things

stranger-thingsThis has to be my favorite TV series this year. And it’s on Netflix.

Last year my two favorites were Dare Devil and Jessica Jones, both on Netflix. Okay, Game of Thrones is probably also. So yes, top three. Netflix is doing an amazing job of producing some fantastic shows.

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet…GO DO IT! Seriously, it’s a slow burning thriller set in the 80’s, and so good.

I have to admit that some of it is nostalgia that makes me love it. The sets are done with old wall paper, and wood paneling just like my grandmothers house use to be done up. There are Ferrah Fawcett hairdo’s (though not many) and lots of 80’s music.

But the story is what compels you to keep coming back. There is so much mystery around the young girl, and the underside. And while the whole series has a satisfying ending with all of the ends tied up they leave two new mysteries that leave a HUGE opening for a second season. I’m really looking forward to that second season.

The acting in this series is fantastic. I forgot what a great actress Winona Ryder is. She plays a desperate mother trying to save her son even when all the evidence points to him being dead. She seems to go a little crazy, which is exactly perfect for that character.

But it isn’t just her. The four kids that play the main characters are fantastic, each in their own way. Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven does a wonderful job of playing a semi mute child, and yet providing a lot of the emotion of every scene she is in. David Harbour and Charlie Heaton also stand out, trying to help those they care about while they are struggling with their own demons of their past.

If you love mystery, and thrilling story telling without being too scary, Stranger Things is a wonderful show.