Free till end of day

I just wanted to let everyone know you can pick up Prophecy by Barlight and Twilight Tales for free till the end of the day.

Prophecy by Barlight: a light hearted look at self fulfilling prophecy.

Twilight Tales: Three weird and creepy short stories.




Two sides of the same author.

A long time ago I had a silly idea about a self fulfilling prophecy. I wrote Prophecy By Barlight soon afterward, and it’s still one of my favorite stories. This little touch of comedy has a different feel than the rest of my books, but that’s why I find it so charming.

On the opposite end of my writing you’ll find the thiller-esk type of story. The things that go bump in the night, or chase you in your nightmares. But Footprints isn’t really about the monsters outside. Instead it’s about the demons inside of us.

Both short stories are free this weekend. They are short reads, but I hope you find them to be interesting.