5min – Day 7 – Burn Out

I just got home from the chiropractor and am realizing…I don’t really want to go anymore. I mean, I do, just not like this. I’ve been going every week since the car accident. And this has resulted in a massive drop in pain, more movement in my arm, and less problems with my wrists while typing. I also have fewer headaches. All of these problems were caused, or in some cases maybe made a lot worse by, the car accident. Wrists were jammed into the steering wheel, shoulder into seat belt, neck stretched when coming to a sudden stop…it’s not good for your body to get slammed to a sudden stop like that.

Regardless, I’ve been going for a long time, and I’m just burned out. Even if it is helping, and I still have a shoulder that acts up now and then, I am burned out.

So I started thinking about burn out. Chris Fox actually did a video on this the other day. He did it about making your back list work for your, but he talked about it because he was burned out on writing (go figure after writing a book in less than a week several times.) But he didn’t really talk about the burn out as much as using the back list.

I was burned out after finishing the trilogy. I use to write short stories, and novellas, then I did an entire trilogy in just over a year. I guess my fortitude wasn’t as great as i thought it was. Because after completing that trilogy I started on my new series, The Half Blood Sorceress, and completed a good chunk of book one and two before hitting a wall. Still writing it, still pushing forward, but I am not able to keep up the same pace that I did the year I wrote the Witch’s Trilogy.

But more later, my five minutes are up.

Burn out

Every November I participate in NaNoWriMo. It’s a tough month filled with a lot of writing and sitting in chairs all for the chance just to say I did it, I won.

It’s no wonder that right after NaNoWriMo a lot of people take a long break. We get burnt out. That’s 50k words worth of story completed and our minds are jelly.

But that’s not the only burn out an artist can suffer from.

I’ve been working on Mermaids Curse since October. Yes, that’s nine months with one project. I’ve completed a little over 81k words on it, rewritten over half of it already, and also thrown away about half as much as I’ve kept. That’s well over 100,000 words in the same project. It makes you sick of looking at it after a while.

Burn out can happen when you’ve spent too much time on the same project. When your pushing yourself too hard or when you aren’t taking care of the rest of yourself correctly.

For me, when I am really feeling it I will take a day or two to read something. I don’t get nearly enough time to read anymore. I often will switch projects for a day or two so that I’m still writing but not over working on the same project.

I know right now I feel like there is no end in sight for my dang novel and that makes writing and editing take that much longer. It’s that feeling of defeat that always gets in the way. Oddly enough, when I published ‘Footprints’ a couple months ago that gave me a burst of speed that carried me through the edits of half the book. But I haven’t published anything since then and I know that is part of the reason I’m having issues. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to publish so that isn’t an easy fix, but I’m not giving up.

The ultimate cure for burn out is just finishing the project and moving on to the next one. I know I’ll be so excited when I’m finally finished with Mermaids Curse.

So… This was my break and now I’m off to write some more.