It snowed in Texas

Just a small rant:
I’m in Texas. We just got power back after 16 hours without. The house was down to 48 degrees, and we had nothing in the house to eat except chicken salad sandwiches because the stove is electric. At least it was cold so none of our food in our fridge went bad. And thank whoever’s listening that we had the chicken salad we could make.

We finally got internet back today and I hopped online to see what was happening and… It’s tons of people making fun of Texas. More than half the people there voted for Trump, but the other slightly less than half… we care about them and we don’t want them to freeze to death.

What the hell is wrong with people? They hate people so much just because they voted a way you didn’t like? There have been plenty of votes, and laws that I have disagreed with over the last four decades of my life. I didn’t hate anyone for it, I just disagreed with them and tried to have a conversation with them about it.

And for the people saying how awful our government in Texas is, and it’s all their fault… Really? I was in North Dakota 24 years ago when the entire state had a black out because of an ice storm. I was in CA during a lot of their fires, and Washington during both the fires, and the massive snow storms that paralyzed the entire region. And we survived. None of them were the fault of the government any more than Katrina, or other natural disasters. That’s because it’s nature, and nature can do what she wants.

What did our state reps do in Texas that was so awful? They put too much reliance on wind power, and the system froze under the onslaught of a winter storm that hasn’t happened in recorded history that I can find. Sure, it’s snowed in Texas, but not like this.

Why do I want as little to do with the left as possible? Because of crap like this. This isn’t about politics, this is people freezing to death in their homes because nature did something we couldn’t be prepared for, because we didn’t know it would happen. A hurricane in the gulf, a blizzard in North Dakota, those are predictable. A blizzard in the heat of Texas? Not so much.

So we’re expecting more ice or snow tomorrow…and hopefully they can keep the wind turbines working. The things that are supposed to be greener, and better for us… And I am reminded, yet again, that you should never put all your eggs in one basket.


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