Engame, a nice end to the MCU

Watching Endgame last night was amazing. I would definitely suggest seeing it in the theater if you want to see it because seeing it on the big screen with all the characters we have grown to love is just an amazing poignant note to it all.

There are a few spoilers in my discussion, so if you haven’t seen it yet you might want to turn away now.

The Endgame was a perfect bookend to the MCU movies. We started off with Tony Stark declaring that he was Iron Man, and we ended with Tony Stark doing it yet again. But this time he had grown, changed, and finally…he was completing what he started out to do. He was saving the universe for his daughter.

The actual storyline was a little convoluted (as most time travel movies are) but it had some great scenes, and some completions to certain character arch’s that were fulfilling. Black Widow and Hawk Eye fought over who would retrieve the soul stone. The Hulk had a conversation with the Ancient One and filled out Dr Strange’s story a little more. Pepper and Tony finally came to terms with Tony’s need to save the universe. And Captain America grew from a man bent on being America’s boy to a man who just wanted to live. Thor, who had fallen into a deep depression, found something worth living for again. Nebula fought herself and one.

Over the course of the movie almost every MCU character was seen as the Hulk snapped his fingers and brought everyone who was snapped out of existence back into the universe. Some provided significant plot points though their own personal story made no growth in this particular film, like Ant Man. Then there were others who seemed almost forced into the story, like Captain Marvel.

Endgame also had a few cringy moments. Like the “girl power” moment where many of the secondary female characters pose for a poster shot. This included Valkery, Matis, Marvel, and a few others. They are secondary characters that only peripherally matter to the films, though they may be more prominent going forward in the MCU. Still, a better shot would have been the original avengers. Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawk Eye. Of course this wasn’t possible because they weren’t all there, and they were also all doing their job by fighting the bad guy instead of posing for pictures.

In fact because of the new avengers I am ready to say the MCU is done, and this is the best part to stop at. I am still going to watch individual films, like Dr. Strange 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, but the main Avengers is complete.

One scene did the most in showing the difference between old and new Avengers. When Captain Marvel hears about what happens to Nick Fury she is about to fly off, ready to “kill Thanos” when Black Widow tells her “I don’t know who you are, but we’re a team. We work together.”

Danvers goes on to say multiple times that the universe only has her, and no one else, so she can’t help the earth. Only her? Many superheroes come from off planet, like The Nova Corps. To think she’s the ONLY ONE that can help the rest of the universe is so ego driven as to make her unlikable. Before she came along the Asgardians were protecting a large section of the universe, and there are many others out there.

I have to say, one of my favorite moments of the movie was Thanos bitch slapping Captain Marvel and leaving her laying in the dirt. All her ego and pride got her nowhere. It was fitting.

The only other let down of the movie is that you didn’t get to see some of the changes with our heroes. Especially the change of Thor into Professor Thor. He reminds me a lot of the Beast from X-men. It was a huge change and would have been better on camera.

There are also a couple of loose ends, namely where the heck is Gamora and Loki? Loki is set to reappear in a new TV series, and perhaps Gamora will be found in the next installment of Guardians of the Galaxy.

But the best part of the entire movie had to be Dr Strange opening portals all over the battle field and every single warrior from the MCU coming to fight Thanos. So satisfying! To see Rocket back with Groot, and Spiderman embraced by Tony Stark, it was all just nostalgia city. Such a good movie, even with the little bit of cringe thrown in.


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