A quick update

Just a few quick updates today.

I am finishing the last bits of The Costume Shop today and re-uploading the finished book, complete with some awesome artwork inside that my child did. They also did the cover, so I’m really happy with it.

The artwork they did is amazing, and black and white so it won’t matter if you’re on kindle, or if you get it in print. It will look just as fantastic.

On the print front, I will get that made soon, I hope. I’d like to have that available before Christmas.

I also got the edits back for the first book in my litRPG series. I’ll send the next book out for edits once I get the first one finished. So far everything is on track!

Plus I’ve been doing a lot of art over on my instagram for #drawtober and #inktober. That’s been fun.

The coloring book is live! It’s only available in print because… well… it’s a coloring book.


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