I’ve been working on the next Half Blood Sorceress novel, and I’m definitely more than half way through now. Today I finished another chapter and reorganized a number of chapters trying to get everything to work right. There are a couple of subplots going on in this novel, so pacing and getting the order right for some of the scenes is important.

All of the yellow chapters are done. That’s the first draft, of course. The rest have to be finished, and put in the proper order.

The trouble today came in a plot error. I realized I had a few chapters that were in the wrong spot and made no sense where they were. I ended up moving a few chapters around, and combining a couple others. I also am considering scrapping two entirely, or using parts of it for another chapter. At the moment it doesn’t quite make sense where it is.

And that’s the trouble with story telling. Sometimes the pieces get all jumbled up and you have to sort the threads out before you can get anywhere.

As for my other goals… I’ve been practicing Japanese more, learning new words and starting to learn some sentences. I’ve also been working on the health issues, which isn’t easy since it’s the height of allergy season and it’s sometimes not easy to breath, let alone exercise. I’ve decided right now I have to do the other half of it and cut my intake as much as possible. Lots of high protein low cal food.

Word Count: 600

Duolingo: a lot of modules.

Steps: not achieved.

Art: This cute little fairy


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