New Possibilities

I stayed awake today. I’ve been awake since 5am, and I’ve been tired for the last few hours but I made it. I’m going to bed, and I think I’ll be fine at work tomorrow. Which is good.

I didn’t get to write, or draw today because we were cleaning. Now that all of my kids moved out I have my own room for creative endeavors, but it’s been a little messy. So we took several hours to reorganize everything and get the furniture, and storage in the right spot so I can go in and organize my craft and writing supplies, and possibly stream from there. I will finally be able to make it my own room.

I also relaxed a lot, trying to make sure I got over this bug. Yesterday I had a few hours where my body was so exhausted I could barely move, but I was alert and awake. I’ve had sleep paralysis before, but usually only on waking. This happened in the middle of the day, and worried me a little. I wanted to make sure I took care of my health first because I’d rather not have that happen again.

Over all this week has been trying, but it finally looks like things are improving, so I’m going to get some sleep and start fresh in the morning.

Word Count: 0

Duolingo: 2 modules.

Steps: Not achieved

Art: none


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