5min – Print

Last night I finally started getting my print files together for Dragon’s Flame. I guess looking at the box of books I already had printed, and seeing that this one book is so obviously missing, It finally spurred me to get it done.

Also, I didn’t realize how blue my book covers were. All the books in the box have blue, or bluish black cover art with sparks of color. I need some variety in my life! And Dragon’s Flame is definitely a red cover. It stands out, it asks to be picked up and touched. And I love it!

At this point I’ve just decided to get everything set up for a print book. Might as well, the short stories are still long enough to be decent sized little books, and they are pretty cheep to get printed. Plus they are my favorite things to hand out. An actual book with a professional look to it instead of a pamphlet or business card. It’s $2 each to get them printed (if I do a bunch of them so shipping isn’t so expensive) so I can get a big handful of them and just hand them out at cons, or sit a stack of them in the library, or anywhere else people give away books.

Really, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…but the truth is I’m taking my writing career a little more serious in general. I asked to be on panels at Radcon, and I’m going to be on 6 of them. I’m also getting a table at Radcon where I can sell some books for the first time ever. I’m also doing more to get m name out there. All the little things others have been doing, and I never really took that seriously because I don’t like marketing. I don’t like putting myself out there, I’d rather just throw my books out into the wild and hope people notice them. It doesn’t work very well, so I’m going to have to grow up a little and take some more responsibility for my work.

And that’s my five.  Also, here’s my itinerary for radcon!


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