I did zero writing today. And I’m not going to make excuses. I actually set it up, got ready to maybe write, walked away to help Gregg with something,  then chose not to come back. 

Choices. We have a lot of them. Sometimes they are as simple as which jelly do you want,  grape or strawberry (the answer is Apple butter, of course) and sometimes they are life or death. Writing is somewhere in-between. 

What causes a person to sit down and write? What motivates them? I’d like to know. Sometimes I think I have it, then I’ll take a few days off and it’s gone. 

But right now I’m exhausted. It’s 5am and I’ve stayed up far too long. 

To be fair, I did get a few things done. I put more items up on redbubble, and ordered a dress. So that will be fun. 

Anyway, that’s my five. Good night. 


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